Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Festival of lights

Are our festivals losing their charm? This line highlighted in 'THE HINDU' caught my attention. Well as I celebrated Deepavali this year, I pondered whether globalization has affected how we celebrated our festivals. I compared this Deepavali to the Deepavali of my childhood. We celebrated it traditionally. All of us cousins had to keep our new clothes the night before in the Pooja room. Our elders smeared Kumkumam over our new clothes. Morning we had a traditional Nalangu and aarthi. Then the traditional oil bath. I can now almost smell the fragrant samrani  that we used to dry our hair with. Since the whole joint family celebrated Deepavali together, we had a cook to prepare all the sweets and savouries and also the great Deepavali lunch. The cook also prepared the famous deepavali laighyam to help our digestion. Well after going down memory lane, I think Deepavali  still holds some of its old charm. The excitement of getting new clothes and bursting crackers is still there. People still line for Srikrishna sweets mysorepak despite the price of ghee being so high. Deepavali laighyam is still a part of our culture and some families like to prepare it at home. The beautiful thalai deepavali tradition continues. With changing times, we are celebrating a more environment friendly Deepavali with less crackers, dezire sweets and text messaging but the charm ,tradition of the festival of lights continues and brightens our life every year.

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