Monday, 27 January 2014

Our tryst with technology

It was the seventies. I could hear the sound of the transistor playing Hindi songs and my mother grinding dosa batter on the grinding stone. The radio was our window to the outside world right from man's landing on the moon to the bournvita quizes. Our tryst with technology was our humble transistor and a proud looking tape recorder which our kith and kin from Dubai had presented  to us. Televisions and refrigerators were still not very common in all middle class homes. It was a great treat for us children to watch the Saturday night movie and the "Charlie chaplain" and "Here is Lucy show" on Tv at a neighbours place. Telephones were also rare and one had to  receive calls discreetly at a neighbor's place.

I think we live in a wonderful world now with grinder's refrigerators and high tech tv's and iPod's. The telephone has reached even the slum dweller through the cell phone. Computer's  has made  the world a smaller place through social networking and e-mail's. The wonderful journey science has taken us through and transformed our lives is really incredible!

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