Thursday, 21 August 2014

Used Things

When we were newly married we lived in Charlotte NorthCarolina. During weekends other than visiting malls we visited Garage sales. It was than I was introduced to the idea of buying used things. The garage sales organized during those warm summer months in the beautiful city of  Charlotte were a new experience for me. I remember buying an antique phone for ten dollars second hand answering machines and second hand furniture. Most of us Indians who not sure how long we were going to live in the US second hand cars seem to be the solution.

I remember us buying so many used cars. A Malibu classic, a Toyota, and a Plymouth. All used cars which took us to places and fulfilled our everyday need. Value for our  money and for most of us immigrants that was our motto.

This year when my son went to college we wanted to get him a bike. A scooter seemed a much safer option for a person who takes little or no risks. My son would not settle for one. Finally my husband who is a daredevil settled for a secondhand bike. I dont know whether we started the fever  but my son's friend also settled for a second hand bike. With economy being so weak we seem to using a lot of old things. with land prices so  high  more and more people are going in for old apartments and homes and getting the getting them renovated.

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