Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Our tryst with Technology

I remember writing as my hobby since my seventh standard. When I was in school I was a quiet child who kept to myself. I would maintain diaries. I would enter every
Day's happenings. This excited me so much. These Diaries were kept locked away in a suitcase. Later like most books I found it difficult to store these diaries as they became voluminous but lately with the 21st century the tablet has helped me to fulfil my writing zeal in every way. I find writing in the tablet much easier. Correcting mistakes with the help of the dictionary and also word counting. Since the tablet is more user friendly I am more on Facebook and Twitter as I can use it even when lying on bed. I love being on face book, my window to the world. If I had crouched on the computer I would have had a backache. So much so far for the tablet, the dictionary and Encyclopaedias have disappeared. I can google out everything, with the tablet at the palm of my hand, we are powerhouses of information. My Tablet also serves as a wonderful camera and we click photos and store photos in it. The tablet is making my computer lose its importance. I am a diehard rock fan and I download and listen to lot of music in the tablet. In my tablet I have from the old Beatles to the new Taylor Swift songs. Being an avid blogger the tablet comes in very handy. I am a voracious reader and have downloaded a lot of my favourite books in my tablet. Storing books at home is really tough nowadays as there is limited space in small homes. That's when technology comes in handy and the tablet is very handy. I enjoy feeling of a young woman of today by reading books through my tablet. I subscribe for only the "times" and the rest of the Newspapers like The Hindu and the Economic Times I read through the tablet. This cuts my cost for subscribing for these newspapers. There are certain states in the United states that have only online publication of Newspapers.  Other than writing being one of my passions for which I use the tablet I like its handiness when I cook. My small tablet sits on my cooking counter top when I am in one of my great cooking moods. Many Restaurants display menu in tablets instead of menu cards, thanks to technology. There has been a total technological transformation in India in the last 45 years. I was surprised to see my old fashioned mother brandishing an iPad the other day. even our elders don't want to be left behind from this great interaction with Technology that the World has taken.

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My Childhood Dream

I was sixteen years old, going on seventeen. I have always seen and liked my Father and Uncles sporting their mustache. I was yearning for one and was looking at the mirror everyday. But no luck and my childhood dream remained a dream. I couldn't see a trace of mustache on my face. We moved to Chennai from Trichy and I joined a new school for my plus 2. One fine morning when I looked into the mirror, I had a pleasant surprise. I saw two whiskers coming out. Do I look like a cat? No, but It wasn't exactly as thick as I would have liked it to be. Nevertheless I was thrilled on seeing the first hairs on my face. Oh boy! How many years I waited for this. 

There were couple of girls in my class who were real good friends with me. I wanted to celebrate my mustache (or was it whiskers) day. I called both of them and said I wanted to treat them at a nearby Cafe. They were also excited. The evening was fun though it drilled a hole in my wallet. 

Couple of weeks, then few months went by. What was two whiskers has started to take shape. While I was exited with the transformation, I also felt the two girls who were very good friends till now, started to move away. I had no clue as to why? I decided to find out. I asked a common friend to spy for me and he came back with a real surprise news for me. They were moving away because my mustache made me look like a man (and not a boy). My heart broke. Do I have to choose between my friends of 2 years and the mustache that I want to sport ever since I was five. Finally two years friendship won and I decided to part with my mustache. The girls took me out to the same cafe. I looked myself at the same mirror. Wow! I was looking good or even great. I was convinced I did the right thing to shave. I thanked my friends for the same.

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The Debonair Look

It was the nineties. I grew up in Chennai which was very conservative in clothes and culture at that time. I grew up traditionally with fiter kappi, temples and the songs of poet Bharatiyar. The poet had very dark mustache. Yes! In those days In Chennai a man's handsomeness was measured by his mustache. During my years in engineering college I fell in love with a girl. It was almost an Eric Segals love story. She was very modern with short cropped hair. I was so old fashioned and she was so new fashioned. Soon we got engaged. Soon she changed me totally. For my friend's wedding I got myself a Tuxedo. And then the final transformation! I went to Essentials the ultimate salon for the fashionable and got myself a mushroom cut. What else for the Pygmalion effect? She asked very gently to shave my mustache. I, being a very hairy person, have been sporting my mustache since my teens. I always fiercely prided it as an essential part of my male sexuality I did not quite like the idea but for the sake of my beloved I agreed. Well I am  glad I agreed as I looked   trendy and very different. From then onwards I sported the clean shaven look. Well I certainly  looked  macho, almost like a bollywood filmstar. The clean shaven look suited me. Girls fell for me. I almost looked like a model with my clean shaven look and aquiline nose. Good looks gave me confidence and I lost my shy smile and stammer. This confidence helped me to pass my interviews successfully. I also became a Don Juan because of  my clean shaven look. Many of my friends copied me and removed their stubble. kudos! for the clean shaven debonair look which has so much sex appeal.

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Monday, 29 December 2014

The Macho clean shaven look

"Marriages are made in heaven", the saying goes. I felt grooming and brains are both important in a match. I am trying to find the best mate. A guy with some education, good looks and some money. After reading a lot of Mills and Boons, I am a romantic at heart and looking for a real trendy guy, a tall dark handsome hero to fall in love with. The image of the Indian man has changed a lot. He is a metrosexual, very conscious of his looks. He is very well groomed. He visits parlours, has manicures and pedicures. The Rajini, Shivaji effect has totally disappeared. The mustache and the French beard have disappeared. Modern man has become very macho. 

So now what am I looking for?  A man in the likes of Shah Rukh Khan. He looks so handsome in advertisement of "Decor" an advertisement for curtain blinds. My heart missed a beat! So very handsome dancing with wife Gauri khan. In all his movies Shah Rukh Khan sports a clean shaven look.  All my dreams revolve around this actor who is at present my heartthrob with his sex appeal. My senses soar, my adrenaline pumps just watching him. His male aura is alluring. I can almost smell his cologne. Truly a sex symbol of today! Shah Rukh Khan with his clean shaven look. Gone are the days when men preferred mustache and French beard. The young today mainly sport a clean shaven look. My brother's son first imitated his father and his uncles in growing a mustache but soon changed over to clean shaven look as he felt it was more the fashion. So boys and men the grizzly teddy bear look is disappearing and the clean shaven look is in and I prefer clean shaven look in my man.

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