Friday, 12 December 2014

Dress more subtly, Womenfolk!

My daughter always labels me a rather over anxious mother, always tracing her whereabouts calling her friend's if she is home even a hour late. But the teenager's nowadays are also so irresponsible. Their phone loses charge when they have to call their parents.

I wondered if I was over anxious parent but after the Nirbhaya rape and the recent rape in Delhi by a cab driver I think I am extremely right by being cautious. Certain parts in northern India we hear brutal rapes of minors. In Bangalore too a school teacher sexually assaulted  a child studying in primary school. For children who are in the preschool years we should teach them the good touch and the bad touch. Teenagers should also dress less provocatively. Exposing the cleavage has become a fashion. Low decolletages will definitely raise the instincts of the modern man too. So will be the exposed thigh as wearing shorts is so much a fashion now. Motives for rape can be power rage or sex.   Feminists may argue that when a man can bare himself so can a women. And one is victimizing the victim by blaming exposure and sex as the motives behind rape. But our uneducated masses do they understand such intellectual  thinking?  Lust can surely be a motive for rape too. The Princess of wales sunbathing topless always is news. So womenfolk dress more subtly.

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