Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Joie de vivre

I have come to America" a song by Neil Diamond I hum under my breath as I think of America.  I found an unreliable joie de vivre in the Americans .

Every season is welcomed with joy and anticipation. The sales at the  supermarkets coincide  with the season. The summer is really beautiful and enjoyed by the people  as daylight  hours are more.Trucks pulling boats to the shore are very common  and this shows the daredevil adventurous  spirit of the caucasians.The summers are not complete without the barbecues. Swimming pools are full. We enjoyed halloween in America. Everyone would be dressed in costumes and go trick or treating. My daughter was in kindergarten She dressed up as Snowhite and I remember her trick or treating in the mall.

Thanksgiving  and Chirstmas are  times when the whole country becomes festive. Chirstmas and Newyear is a  time for parties and fun.  After living in America I wonder why life is so mundane here. Here We have a set monotony starting  with the milk man delivering milk at five o' clock. We definitely seem to lead a fuller life back in the United States.

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