Wednesday, 31 December 2014

My Childhood Dream

I was sixteen years old, going on seventeen. I have always seen and liked my Father and Uncles sporting their mustache. I was yearning for one and was looking at the mirror everyday. But no luck and my childhood dream remained a dream. I couldn't see a trace of mustache on my face. We moved to Chennai from Trichy and I joined a new school for my plus 2. One fine morning when I looked into the mirror, I had a pleasant surprise. I saw two whiskers coming out. Do I look like a cat? No, but It wasn't exactly as thick as I would have liked it to be. Nevertheless I was thrilled on seeing the first hairs on my face. Oh boy! How many years I waited for this. 

There were couple of girls in my class who were real good friends with me. I wanted to celebrate my mustache (or was it whiskers) day. I called both of them and said I wanted to treat them at a nearby Cafe. They were also excited. The evening was fun though it drilled a hole in my wallet. 

Couple of weeks, then few months went by. What was two whiskers has started to take shape. While I was exited with the transformation, I also felt the two girls who were very good friends till now, started to move away. I had no clue as to why? I decided to find out. I asked a common friend to spy for me and he came back with a real surprise news for me. They were moving away because my mustache made me look like a man (and not a boy). My heart broke. Do I have to choose between my friends of 2 years and the mustache that I want to sport ever since I was five. Finally two years friendship won and I decided to part with my mustache. The girls took me out to the same cafe. I looked myself at the same mirror. Wow! I was looking good or even great. I was convinced I did the right thing to shave. I thanked my friends for the same.

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