Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Our Lifestyle Changes

Our lifestyle has changed in the last 25 yrs. We seem to be aping the west in so many ways. We seem to live for the moment. With double incomes we seem to be living luxurious lives. Fun filled holidays to exotic locations. By holidays I do not mean formal holidays involving sightseeing and guided tours. Holidays made dream like with massages spas and even scuba diving in island's.

Excercise and good nutrition seem to be the magic word in  today's world where diabetes and heart diseases seem to be on the rise. Most friends that I meet seem to be a member of a fitness club.  The world seems to be going organic. Millet consumption seems to be on the rise.

Another surprising thing that I notice in Today's India is loss in interest in Gold as people want to use their money elsewhere maybe making their lives more comfortable.

Facebook Twitter and Whatsaaping has made us connect like never before and made our Lifestyle interesting and made us connect with friend's and family around the world.

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