Saturday, 27 December 2014

Satyamev Jayate

The holidays had started. Both my brother and I were having a jolly time with friends. We played both indoor and outdoor games. We partied at our friends places. We watched movies at our friend's homes. Summer was always the best time for everything. We shopped  at the malls and ate at famous restaurants.

My parents decided to go on a weekend to Ooty to our holiday resort. They were sceptical at first whether to leave us alone as all our servants were on vacation. We urged them to go as we thought it would be fun to be alone with friends. We bid good bye to our parents and were very excited to be alone. We called a few of our close friends to come and stay with us. Then I made the most fatal mistake of my life. Since the security alarm kept beeping without reason I switched it off. Too excited with our friend's company, too lethargic I did not bother to switch it on. We bought some grocery and decided to cook. We cooked pasta and made mixed vegetable soup. Then we had our dinner in the lawn, went upstairs to the Home Theatre and watched an English movie. The effects of the movie were loud and we enjoyed ourselves shouting and laughing. Then at 3 0' clock we all fell asleep in the family room in our sleeping bags.

In the morning I woke up first and went downstairs. I went to the kitchen and helped myself to cookies and a glass of milk. Then when I came to the drawing room I noticed dirty footprint marks on the carpet. The patio door was opened more than usual. Then slowly I started feeling suspicious that something was amiss. Panic gripped me and I went to my parents bedroom and found that the vault lock was broken. I knew my mother kept her diamonds there and my father kept a lot of his money. I almost fainted in anxiety. It was almost time for my parents to return from their trip. What would I tell my parents? My father had a very bad temper and would blow his top if he found that I had switched off the security alarm. Should I tell him that the thief had somehow broken the patio doors and switched off the security alarm? I heard the bell. My parents were at the door. Seeing my face and the disarrayed living room they knew that something had happened. I told my father the truth. My father shouted at me. Then acted quickly by notifying the police. The police took notes of the footprints and fingerprints and also some clues from the bedroom hidden cameras. Luckily the police were able to get hold of the thief in 2 days. Satyamev  Jayate! I am happy I told my father the truth and the exact details so that the robber was caught on time.

Note: This post was written for indiblogger's happy hours contest courtesy Kinley 2014 TVC.

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