Wednesday, 31 December 2014

The Debonair Look

It was the nineties. I grew up in Chennai which was very conservative in clothes and culture at that time. I grew up traditionally with fiter kappi, temples and the songs of poet Bharatiyar. The poet had very dark mustache. Yes! In those days In Chennai a man's handsomeness was measured by his mustache. During my years in engineering college I fell in love with a girl. It was almost an Eric Segals love story. She was very modern with short cropped hair. I was so old fashioned and she was so new fashioned. Soon we got engaged. Soon she changed me totally. For my friend's wedding I got myself a Tuxedo. And then the final transformation! I went to Essentials the ultimate salon for the fashionable and got myself a mushroom cut. What else for the Pygmalion effect? She asked very gently to shave my mustache. I, being a very hairy person, have been sporting my mustache since my teens. I always fiercely prided it as an essential part of my male sexuality I did not quite like the idea but for the sake of my beloved I agreed. Well I am  glad I agreed as I looked   trendy and very different. From then onwards I sported the clean shaven look. Well I certainly  looked  macho, almost like a bollywood filmstar. The clean shaven look suited me. Girls fell for me. I almost looked like a model with my clean shaven look and aquiline nose. Good looks gave me confidence and I lost my shy smile and stammer. This confidence helped me to pass my interviews successfully. I also became a Don Juan because of  my clean shaven look. Many of my friends copied me and removed their stubble. kudos! for the clean shaven debonair look which has so much sex appeal.

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