Monday, 29 December 2014

The Macho clean shaven look

"Marriages are made in heaven", the saying goes. I felt grooming and brains are both important in a match. I am trying to find the best mate. A guy with some education, good looks and some money. After reading a lot of Mills and Boons, I am a romantic at heart and looking for a real trendy guy, a tall dark handsome hero to fall in love with. The image of the Indian man has changed a lot. He is a metrosexual, very conscious of his looks. He is very well groomed. He visits parlours, has manicures and pedicures. The Rajini, Shivaji effect has totally disappeared. The mustache and the French beard have disappeared. Modern man has become very macho. 

So now what am I looking for?  A man in the likes of Shah Rukh Khan. He looks so handsome in advertisement of "Decor" an advertisement for curtain blinds. My heart missed a beat! So very handsome dancing with wife Gauri khan. In all his movies Shah Rukh Khan sports a clean shaven look.  All my dreams revolve around this actor who is at present my heartthrob with his sex appeal. My senses soar, my adrenaline pumps just watching him. His male aura is alluring. I can almost smell his cologne. Truly a sex symbol of today! Shah Rukh Khan with his clean shaven look. Gone are the days when men preferred mustache and French beard. The young today mainly sport a clean shaven look. My brother's son first imitated his father and his uncles in growing a mustache but soon changed over to clean shaven look as he felt it was more the fashion. So boys and men the grizzly teddy bear look is disappearing and the clean shaven look is in and I prefer clean shaven look in my man.

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