Saturday, 17 January 2015

Beauty and Brains

My friend Sheila and I grew up together. Both of us were ordinary looking girls in childhood. Hey presto! and something changed suddenly. The ordinary duckling Sheila changed to a beautiful Swan. With  a great figure, lovely black hair and a great complexion Sheila was a beautiful girl. All girls at school were jealous of her good looks. Yes with her peaches and white complexion and lustrous black hair and the little figure Sheila had the looks of Deepika Padukone.

Sheila was also a Bharatnatyam dancer and performed in the Margazhi Mahotsav. She also started modelling for Head and Shoulders Shampoo. Her figure and confidence would have taken her to Tinsel town, if she was keen on that. But Sheila was also good at her studies.

With a lot of hard work she managed to get a seat at Madras Medical College. All through her years at College she did well in her studies. She was also good at extracurricular activities. She hosted the cultural fest of the college many times. She graduated from college with flying colours and became a gynecologist. She soon had her own clinic.

Sheila got married to a smart young doctor and has two children. She still looks young and beautiful with a near perfect figure. Sheila has not lost her passion for Bharatnatyam and still performs on occasions. She is also a part time model and loves her work. She is certainly a beauty with brains breaking the stereotype that career women cannot have diverse interests and also look good. The Younger generation in India have women like Sheila who are well educated and able to take good care of themselves. They are able to balance work and family life well. With globalization the image of the Indian women has changed and we see a lot of the brains and beauty combination.

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