Saturday, 17 January 2015

Healthy Child makes a Happy Home

I lived in USA for about 10 years with my husband, son and daughter. When we decided to return home, we least expected what would happen on return to our native country. 

While in USA, My husband always travelled a lot on his job. This made me very independent and I had my own circle of friends, parties and the like. I was pretty, talkative and one of those women who always loved company. I drove myself and kids in my little car, hosted parties for friends and dropped off my children with a care taker while attending to my part-time job. While in USA both my children always tagged along with me.

Once we returned, I was expecting to see more of my husband but it was not to be. In fact he traveled more, leaving me and my children to care for ourselves. My daughter got into her own routine since she joined kinder garden in India. My son was just 2 years old and still tagged along with me.  While I was able to manage the endless parties, soon my son wasn't able to. He started falling sick often worrying me and my husband. 

This changed my whole life. When I woke up, my first instinct is to check if my son is alright. I lost the urge to look at the calendar for the next party. I am no longer the 21st century woman always wanting to do something different. I became like the 20th Century Mom who knew nothing better than caring for her children. I realized the truth in the age old saying 'Health is wealth'. When my parents used to say 'A healthy child makes a  happy home' I never realized the truth in the statement. 

I requested my Parents to come and stay with me. Since my husband was mostly traveling they readily obliged. My father was happy to play with the grand children. Suddenly he was alarmed and pointed my sons neck to me. yes, there was a swelling. But I never thought it was any dangerous. He said we need to rule out cancer and took my son to a doctor the same day. After tests, we were finally relieved that it wasn't cancerous and we need not worry about the same. 

I also explained to the doctor the frequent bouts of sickness that my son experiences. After few blood tests doctor told me that my son's immunity needs to be improved and prescribed medicines and injections which made him better. After 3 months my son's health improved and I visited my friend for a get-together. Our discussion changed to health when my friend told me how herbs and products with lot of medicinal herbs have lot of anti-oxidants which can keep us healthy. You can see details of Chyawanprash (#immuneindia)

Note: This blog was written for indiblogger contest "A healthy child makes a happy home" sponsored by Dabur Chyawanprash.

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