Friday, 23 January 2015

How I Proposed to my Girl

Valentines day! This day though not among our list of festivals is slowly gaining a lot of popularity. Mostly sweethearts exchange gifts on Valentines Day. The Supermarkets are full with innovative gift items right from jewellery, teddy bears to chocolates. 

I fell in love with a girl in engineering college. It was a Eric Segal's Love Story. We painted the town red in my bike. We spent our time in parks, malls and restaurants.

All our friends envied our relationship. She was so beautiful with a peaches and white complexion and straight long hair. She almost looked  like a model. I was a south Indian and she was a Punjabi. Cupid's love struck my heart and I did not know whether she had the same feelings for me. We spent a lot of time together. We studied together for our exams and cooked together in her apartment. I could feel the electricity between us. A brush of her arm and the touch of her shoulders would send goose pimples through me. I was so love sick. Valentine's day was fast approaching. I wanted to propose to my beloved. I bit my nails, I ruffled my curly hair. I wanted my proposal to be very special. Being a writer do I read to her a love note or a poem. No! I racked my brains; Something more special! I had always loved old things. Old Victorian love stories where the man proposes to his love by kneeling down. Yes! A mix of the old and the new. On February 14th I took my lady to a very special restaurant. There was a dance after the dinner and the couples danced to the music. We waltzed to the strains of the music. I enjoyed having my love in my arms and smelling the fragrance of her hair. And hey presto! my plan of action. I stopped waltzing and much to the surprise of the other dancers kneeled in front of my beloved and took her hand and kissed it. The few dancers that were in the room stopped dancing. I had already arranged for confetti to rain on us through the hotel staff. I almost looked like somebody from the Victorian times kneeling in front of my beloved and taking her hand. Well that was the novelty of the proposal. Then I asked her in a husky voice whether she would marry me. My love looked happy, confused and as love struck as me and whispered yes in a husky voice. More confetti rained on us. I later thanked the hotel staff for following my instructions so well. I brandished the platinum ring that I had brought for my beloved and put it in her finger. She looked at me with love and unshed tears overwhelmed by her emotions. Now  that we have been married for ten years we still think of the special way I proposed.

Note: This blog was written for indiblogger contest "Cupid Games 2015" sponsored by Closeup.

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