Monday, 19 January 2015

Is laundry only a woman's job

Ours has been a patriarchal society so far. And women have always sheltered the hearth cooking cleaning and doing most of the household chores. Our society has so far defined women as the submissive sex. The man mostly was the bread winner and so the household chores fell on the women folk. Even in our mythology Draupadi ate last from the divine bowl so that her husbands ate well and fully before her. 

Only in the last ten years, with the effect of globalization and women entering the workforce  we see men wanting to share household chores. The younger generation seems to share the household chores. So far our society has been carrying on with the fact that women take care of the chores. When this is the norm in urban households you can definitely say that laundry is a women's job in rural areas. Blame it on the mothers of yesteryear. They would not allow their son to lift a spoon, let alone do the laundry. Her day starts at five and she sleeps only at ten. Women have to  be super multi-taskers. The twenty first century has see the emergence of the working women in India. Women are no longer confined to the home and we see very successful women from doctors  to engineers to scientists. Women  have dominated  male dominated fields like space research. And for these successful women there is not much help from their husbands and they have to multitask constantly.  Indian women is well educated but still is a door mat. She still doesn't know how to say " Honey  I am tired you do the Laundry tonight."  With dual incomes and when the wife earns their is more affluence in the family. With the women pitching in life is more comfortable for the entire family. Working women should raise their voice and make sure that the men share the household work. If men and children  are trained in household work the family will function more efficiently . The house will be clean, things will be in place. So far by and far laundry seems to be a women's job in India. Whether it is education or career women seem to be conquerors and super achiever's. Women  are also conquering male dominated fields. Isn't it time men also competed and learn womanly tasks so that there is gender equality both at home and at the workplace. A daughter a mother a wife these are different transitions a woman undergoes through and for making this journey through life easier it is easier if the chores are shared. Also we now seem to be doing a lot of our household work ourselves as servants are getting more and more scarce so soon men definitely have to start sharing in the chores.

Note: I am writing for #IsLaundryOnlyAWomansJob activity at in association with Ariel.

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