Saturday, 17 January 2015

Wit and Wisdom

I love being a home maker and a mother. I have two children. I love to bake and enjoy being a mother and wife. We are close knit family. Everyday, as a family, we enjoy sharing our experiences in the dinner table; Small anecdotes and experiences that we have had during the day. We enjoy a lot of jokes amidst ourselves. Needless to say, Laughter is the best medicine and my family consumes a lot of that medicine. That's wit and wisdom shared within our household.

Other than this I also work as a radio jockey in the evenings. I love my job and being on air capturing audiences.  My job is wit and Wisdom all the way. I love being among celebrities, talking with them interviewing them cracking spontaneous jokes in the air. What's most satisfying about my job is that I am able to reach out to a massive audience.  I love my job as a radio jokey as the zeal enthusiasm and sophistication of the job is refreshing and my wit wisdom is enjoyed by the whole City when they tune on to their radio sets.

My job requires me to be really a walking encyclopaedia and always be ready with facts on my fingertips. I get to interview personalities right from Anita Ratnam, Sania Mirza, Sachin Tendulkar and Greg Chapell to Narendra Modi. I am truly an epitome of wit and wisdom and this is why I am such a successful radio jockey. Facts and the continuous conversations in interviews is broken down by wit and wisdom. Not too many people can have this trait and if they have they are lucky as they can be good speakers who can hold the attention of the listeners as there is no boredom.

Needless to say, My husband loves me and my children are very proud of me.

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