Sunday, 1 February 2015

Chat versus Phone Call

Since the telephone was invented people have been conveniently talking and thus communicating with each other. Women are great chatters and sometimes are hooked for hours talking over the phone  exchanging information. Cell phones are more handier than normal phones and we are more mobile with them . With cell phone era coming to age landline connections are becoming less. Computers have started playing a big part in people's lives in the last twenty five years. And so has Chatting.

I remember Fifteen years back when computers had just become common I loved chatting with my husband typing on the keypad. I felt important savvy independent and excited to use this new technology. My husband would be at work in the United States and I would be in India glued to my computer and we would exchange pleasantries anecdotes information without disturbing anyone and without having to pay for an international phone call. Yes when you have an Internet connection it is cheaper to chat than pay for a expensive phone call. People are relying less on phone calls and communicating more through chat. Even old people seem to resort to chat loving the novelty of technology. With iPads and tablets coming to the market old people do not have to strain themselves over stiff computer chairs. So Savvy independence, technology and Cost effectiveness are the primary reason for preferring Chat over phone call.

Whatsapp has become a excellent medium through which people are communicating and chatting effectively. Friends and family from all the world are able to connect and chat exchanging good news and information at a flash. Face book seems to be a little outdated now and the present fervour is whatsapp. Chat can very personal in its own way with users making it very friendly and communicate by saying "Good Morning", "Good Evening" "Bye Bye, "Have a Great Day!".  Jokes and brain teasers make chat very light hearted among family and friends. Ability to form groups and communicate information among the group members seamlessly is the second reason for preferring chat over phone call.

Third reason I prefer chat over phone calls is because it provides privacy and flexibility. Loud phone conversations are overheard. The servant maid and others can hear them and being a part of a joint family I prefer to use chat to keep my conversations private. When my daughter spends hours during research she prefers to chat with me. We are able to communicate with each other even though both of us are not available at the same time.

With Technology taking such leaps and bounds soon phones and phone calls will be a thing of the past. Online and Offline Chats have become very important to keep up with our busy lifestyle.
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