Saturday, 28 February 2015

QuickrNXT making life easier

We lived in the United States for almost fifteen years. We were young just starting out in life and had little money. We mostly lived in places that we were poorly connected by trains and buses and  so had to relay mostly on cars for transport. As students since new cars were expensive we bought second cars from dealers hitting very good bargains. This was our tryst with second hand cars.

Right now we have a Maruti Zen. It was bought six years ago. The silver grey paint seems almost faded, The engine makes noise. There is a dent on one door when I met with an accident a month back. I am not happy with the gears either. The tyres also needed change. And the car also needs an oil change. With all these problems I decided that it was not worth repairing the car. I needed to buy another second hand car. Thinking about  my son's college expenses I thought I would go for a second hand car once again. 

I decided as I had limited time to waste on phone calls I decided to buy my car through Quikr. Time seems to be precious for everyone and chat and e- mail seems to be a better and easy means of communication. I logged on to the Quikr site which seemed organized and user friendly. There was a column for bikes and cars. I went to that and looked at cars listed there. The cars that we could choose were from a wide category from Maruti, Honda, Hyndai, Toyota etc. The fuel types whether petrol or diesel were also indicated. My neighbour had a Toyota and I also wanted one. So I checked the Toyota category. Quikr made my life easier as all the details were given well. The advertisement  for the Toyota pointed out details like colour whether single ownership or sold by dealer , how old the car was , whether it still had insurance and the price. Since I was a busy professional Quickr chat came in handy. I clarified my questions and fixed an appointment through chat. Both the seller and I could communicate at our convenience unlike using phone, an efficient way to communicate in this computer savvy world. I test drove and finally became a proud owner of a Toyota Etios bought through Quikr, a lovely bright red car. The car was four years old bought from a single owner. It had power steering and windows and a sensor while reversing, a boon while travelling in Chennai roads. It had 1.6L engine with dual air bags and leather seat covers. I loved the Quickr shopping experience in our busy lifestyle. I have listed my old Zen for sale and have started getting enquiries. 

Note: This post is written for Indiblogger's Get a better car with Quickr NXT! contest sponsored by Quickr.

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