Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Rock a bye baby!

Motherhood is a very challenging task. Motherhood and parenting is also very satisfying. Society in India is very close knit and when a child is born the entire family from Parents to grandmothers to great grandmothers help in their own way from advise to physical help. Bringing up babies is an art with each stage a challenge and culture wise we Indians are very good at Parenting. Parenting is a joy and we Indians try to keep it as much as in the family. 

The new gen parents seem an educated lot and seem more independent and confident in handling the baby when it comes to this world. They seem also more well informed. Pediatricians  books and peer groups help in educating the new parent.  Bedtime are rather nightmarish for new parents. Reading bedtime stories is the best way to hold the attention of a crying child. So new parents can have small collection of books and read to the child. Simple books hold attention of the child. Pick books that can also test the intelligence of the child. Reading helps the child to pick up language skills easily and is also a hobby . Lady bird books like "Little Red Riding hood"  "Hansel and Gretel" have always been the favorite of children. Nowadays Scholastic has  published books for children which are well liked.

Singing lullabies to the child helps to soothe a crying child. In the olden days in India a kind of cloth hammock would be in the threshold of the house and the babies would be rocked to sleep by singing lullabies in it. Hammocks are growing out of fashion and we see a lot of new fashioned cribs. Nowadays there are musical mobiles that can be tied to the crib. Nursery rhymes like " Jack and Jill ", Twinkle, Twinkle little Star " and the like are mostly used as lullabies.

Other bedtime rituals that help put a baby to sleep can be soft toys. Fischer Price has excellent toys that can keep the baby happy. Giving the baby a bath before bedtime can be soothing and comforting and easily put the baby to sleep.

For babies to sleep well they have to be clean and dry. A good night's sleep is essential both for the baby and the health and comfort of the parents. Cloth diapers though more comfortable have to be frequently changed. For the last twenty five years synthetic diapers and  thus disposable diapers are more common. Synthetic diapers are expensive and difficult to recycle but still seem to be used widely as they are easy to use. There are different brand of diapers but New Pampers baby dry pants is ideal diapers as it keeps the baby dry in the inside too. These are ideal diapers to be used while traveling.


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