Tuesday, 3 March 2015

A World Remade

India as a nation seems in the crossroads of an smorgasbord of dying old traditions and new ideas. Though we have progressed as a society so much we spent so much on religious rituals.Priests are given generous sums in birth ceremonies and other rituals.Thus people seem to spending money blindly on religion which is still leading them blindly astray. Weddings and Wedding ceremonies are still lavish and a hole in the pocket for the common man.It's  high time Indians woke up and cut short these ceremonies and used their money wisely. It's time to say "I do" with simple ceremonies. Instead of spending so lavishly in weddings we may as well keep Weddings simpler and gift the couple some money. Despite liberation we are still a Patriarchal society. Despite the emergence of the working women the Indian woman is still weak. Education  has to reach the lower middle class too where we see a lot of male chauvinism. In the Nirbhaya rape case the guilty says he is justified in raping Nirbhaya as she was being adventurous on venturing after dark and girls should stick to cooking and to household chores. This revelation is shocking and the modesty of the Indian Woman seems to be at stake. So the Indian woman is still seen as useful in the Kitchen and as a doormat. Beyond this she is treated as an object of sexual harassment. Strong action should be taken against rape and sexual harassment issues so that there are Lesser crimes against women. We will have to create a new world where there is more respect for women and more gender equality. 

Education from preschool is so competitive for the layman in India. As far as education is concerned We do not know where we are going? Education still seems to be a badge that society seems to be wearing. Education has to be more practical oriented so that the learning process is easier and more productive. So tackling these issues  we will be able to make a new world that we can be proud of.

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