Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Breakfast with Guptaji's

I lived in the Delhi for two years. Being a typical South Indian I found it difficult to adjust to North India. The extreme climate and everything about Delhi depressed me . I missed the Idli Dosa culture and the security it had provided. Not knowing Hindi  proved to be a major draw back. Then gradually I settled down, starting enjoying Delhi. I started speaking a faltering Hindi which got me about the city. I started loving the jet set life of the city. I loved the Historical monuments of the city and started loving and sharing the " Joy of Living" which the North Indians are so well  known for.

I also found that the North Indians were real foodies. They loved exotic food. Even I share a wonder and love for food. I soon befriended my neighbours the Guptaji's.  Food has always been important  for us Indians. And  I found the Guptaji's made some very exotic dishes. "Nashta" is an very important meal of the day for them. Normally I found that the North Indians loved to  start the day with " poha". They prepare the poha  very well. The North Indian " poha" is a real delicacy and a treat for the taste buds. They make a extraordinary variety of parathas.  I love their Aloo, Gobi parathas. These parathas are served with raita. The Parathas made by the North Indians are a gastronomical delight. They are normally served with dahi. The North Indians also love sweets and I love their gajar ka halwa . Jilebi and malpua. The  jilebi's served by the North Indians are very special and mouth watering. I do not like to count calories and love the ghee laden sweets served by them.  I am a connoisseur of  good tea. I love the masala chai served by the North Indians and love to go to breakfast specially for their wonderful flavourful tea.

After I got married my husband was new to Delhi though he had changed his job and joined me in Delhi. He was very hesitant to try these north Indian food. We went to Guptaji's house (my Father's friend) who invited us for a day knowing that I got married and was with my husband here. After the excellent Poha meal at the Guptaji's house my husband confessed to me that he really liked the food he had at Guptaji's house.

We loved "The joy of Living" of the people of the North India. Other than their exotic food they have a warmth and a sense of sharing which I have not seen elsewhere. " Food" and " people"  are two favorite words in my dictionary and  "The Guptaji's " are the right place to be.

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