Saturday, 21 March 2015

Choose to start with all new Moto E

Technology has taken leaps and bounds and nothing like cellphones and what a boom they are to mankind. In the last fifteen years cell phones have become an important method of communication. I remember my husband presenting me my first Nokia ten years back. It was the most handy thing he gave me and the most useful means of communication. The Nokia had very basic features which were very user friendly. As I became more dependent and technology and cellphones I started taking a survey of good user friendly phones which were not too expensive. Moto E seems to be one of such economical ones which I found appealing. I certainly love the "Moto E" and I am going to quote the features appreciable.

Moto E is one of the most affordable devices with a quad core processor and an all day battery. It has a new front facing camera. The software of the phone is good and the phone has great new design and style without compromising on the quality. The phone provides a clean fast experience with improved  multitasking. It provides the best mobile operating system with latest version of android. It has good network speed for music and videos. It has a front facing camera which helps to upload selfies wherever we go. It also has a feature called quick capture so whenever one twists the phone it activates the camera. The photos taken by the phone are excellent and I love them.

I have been a proud owner of the phone for the last year and am recommending it to my friends as I am able to multitask with it. A good smartphone is essential for all of us and nothing like Moto E. After using a smart phone like Moto E, I am not able to use an ordinary phone. Kudos to Moto E.

Note: This post is written for #ChooseToStart your smartphone journey with the all new Moto E contest

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