Saturday, 14 March 2015

Fun with family

I am a real people's person. I grew up with a lot of friends and  family. We lived in the United States for a long time and lead a active  social life. Friends were like family in the United States. We loved gourmet food and we loved the parties in the United States. When we moved back to India despite our hectic working schedule we tried to socialize

I loved coming back to the cultural haven that was India. Despite globalization festivals still held a charm. My most  memorable day was the Deepavalli Party that I  hosted for my friends and relatives last year. I still remember all the fun and excitement of the occasion. I  had planned every thing so well. I had invited twenty five people for the party. It was a theme party. Every one had to come dressed as their favorite film star. And  I asked every one to bring a dish . I ordered some sweets for the occasion. The party was a great hit.The dishes were well prepared by the ladies and appreciated by the men folk. My friends and I enjoyed exchanging each other's recipes. There were hoots shrieks and laughter at the pale likeliness of the film stars which  we had all tried to resemble. Every one tried to enact one scene from the movies and there was roaring applause as Tinsel Town was brought to the door step. I  had organized a few games for the kids that they loved. Everyone appreciated the small gifts that I gave them. My husband had brought a lot of  fireworks that the children enjoyed.  The desert and ice cream that I had ordered from  the ice cream parlor were delicious.

That 'Deepavalli' had indeed been a memorable one. My house had echoed with fun and laughter and voices like never before. We are a working couple whose lives are other wise monotonous, I enjoyed talking with my relatives and sharing jokes with them,  Recipes and bits of information were exchanged. We had talked a wide range of topics from Politics to the price of vegetables in the market. The party lifted my spirits  and filled me with vigor and enthusiasm. The Party  filled me with optimism and fresh zeal and filled me with abundant energy to face the future.

The Deepavalli Party was a real breather and made me realize how much 'People' meant in my lives. Since that memorable Deepavalli Party I have been organizing so many more parties. Today's world seems so stressful as we seem to be interacting more with machines in the workplace than humans. We definitely need to chill out more like the west so that we can start our Mondays with Optimism and Enthusiasm.

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