Thursday, 5 March 2015

Happy Babies

Parenting is always a challenging task. Indians make good Parents and the extended family also lends  a lot of support when youngsters become first time Parents. Parenting is joy and a lot of fun for first time Parents. For people who love babies Parenting is a second childhood. 

My son seem to like his toys so much. Nowadays Fisherprice  has made such innovative toys. My son enjoys the baby gym, kicking at it and fiddling with it. There is  Elmo Ernie and Big Bird all Sesame street characters hanging from the Gym for him to marvel at.  He enjoys the baby bopper too. I marvel at the thoughtfulness with which that toy was made, a perfect toy for babyhood. My baby bangs her head at different angles at the Baby bopper and when she uses her legs, her leg muscles are strengthened. A Wonderful toy! My baby enjoys her afternoons at the swing. She gurgles and coo's when she is rocked in the Swing. Bath time is always fun and both my baby and I have fun splashing water at each other and playing with the colorful bath toys. I normally like to give my baby a bath before Bedtime so that she falls asleep fast. Peekaboo  is a silly and fun game and both of us enjoy it amidst fun and laughter. My baby loves bedtime as he loves the stories I read to him. I act out the stories to him and he squeals with laughter when I do this. As I put him in his crib he loves listening to the nursery Rhymes in his Musical Mobile and rolls his eyes with pleasure.  Holidays are really fun. Our baby enjoys eating in restaurants as much as we do. He loves the food that we feed him and jumps up and down with joy. Our baby loves the gold fishes in our fish tank and keeps gazing at them. He gurgles every time I feed the fish , worms and follows me with his eyes. Photo time with the baby are extra special and fun. We make the baby smile before clicking a picture. Photo and  Video times are extra special and happy times that help us to bond with the baby.

It is important we use the proper diapers for the baby to keep the baby comfortable and dry. Cloth diapers though comfortable are passé. Cloth diapers get wet very soon and it is cumbersome to keep changing the Diaper. Disposable synthetic Diapers have been in the market for the last twenty five years. Though they produce some rash they are the most convenient diapers for Parents today. There are many brands of disposable Diapers available in the market. But New Pampers dry pants are the best as they keep the baby dry in the inside as they have a special magic gel that locks moisture in the inside. These are the best leak proof Diapers available in the market and best while travelling?

Note: This post is written for Indiblogger's Dry Baby, Happy Baby contest sponsored by Pampers.

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