Tuesday, 10 March 2015

"How Learning to Drive" changed my life

I am a savvy working woman, good in multitasking and balancing home and work. I work as a lecturer in an engineering college 60 km away from the heart of the city.  My day starts at 5 in the morning and ends at ten in the night. I spend almost three hours commuting to and fro from work. This made me very tired. Initially my husband dropped me halfway by car and the other half I commuted by bus. But public transport still is very tiring and unreliable and rainy days made things worse.

 I was in my early forties and still decided to take a bold step of learning to drive a car. Since I was in my early  forties, my friends tried to talk me out of it. To make matters worse I was diagnosed with mild Blood Pressure . Nevertheless I decided to take the Plunge. I started on driving lessons. Initially the traffic scared me a lot. My grip at the steering wheel was not steady. I was very nervous  and during the initial classes I had second thoughts over my driving lessons. Finally after ten classes I picked up confidence and started driving reasonably well with the  help of the Instructor. I took classes for a month. I started looking forward to my classes. I soon changed gears efficiently and learned 'parallel  parking' also. I also learned to cleverly Manoeuvre my car through Chennai's  heavy traffic. Soon I managed to get my License. This bold step of wanting to learn to drive brought a big change in my life by being independent.

 Initially after getting my License I started taking my sons car on local errands. Then seeing my confidence my husband presented me with a Nano for my birthday. It was a beautiful yellow car with AC, Power steering & windows.  I was exuberant. I also felt independent and confident. I soon started driving my Nano to work. I could start for college in a relaxed manner as I did not have to keep tab on Public transport timings. Driving in an air conditioned car during the summer was really a dream come true. Thus taking this bold step has made my life more comfortable. My students and colleagues looked at me with awe. I celebrated Women's day with new meaning feeling in par with other women of the twenty first century. New things always change one's life, breaks the monotony and brings progress. Seeing me drive a car my twenty year old daughter also started learning to drive and soon got her license. Driving our own vehicles has made us less dependent on auto rickshaws or the need to hire a driver to drive my car. So taking this bold step made my life more comfortable.

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