Sunday, 22 March 2015

My Happiness Project

Happiness is the state of the mind. Different things make different people happy. Our concept of happiness also changes with every stage of life.

I am a very simple person. A lot of things make me very happy and bring a smile and laughter to my lips. I love nature. Just being with nature makes me happy. I love nature trails , nature walks and trekking. Such activities gives me an adrenaline rush and puts me in high spirits. My recent visit to the grand canyon and seeing the sunlight reflect on each part of the canyon and seeing nature's splendor filled me with great spirit. Just a simple thing like watching the sun set and rise gives me great joy. 

Charity and helping poor people makes me happy. I love to see the look of surprise and joy in the beggars face. I do not like to spend money on extravagant birthday parties but instead give the money to the needy organizations. Likewise people form an important part of my life. Laughter and sharing with friends and family makes me happy.

I was brought up to believe that health is wealth. Being in good health makes me happy. I always go for regular health check ups.  I love to look good too by eating right and going to the gym. I use a sun screen and brush and floss regularly.

I love good food and make a lot of great recipes at home . We also eat at different restaurants and enjoy global cuisine. Making gourmet recipes and seeing my family enjoy it is my pride and joy. I love to keep my house clean and litter free. 

Doing things as a family make me happy. I love our dinner and lunch times to echo with fun and laughter and exchange anecdotes and information. We watch movies together and also go to restaurants as a family. We love travelling and have traveled extensively in India. We love culture and history and would love to explore other parts of the world.

My children are my pride and joy. I enjoyed playing with them during their childhood years. Now watching them grown up into independent individuals gives me a sense of satisfaction. I instilled in them the correct values from childhood. Being a savvy woman of the 21st century also makes me feel good. I am glad I am able to multitask so that I can balance home and career. In this way I am able to have something for myself and keep myself happy. 

I was reading an interesting book called The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. What really makes one Happy ? The concept of Happiness is different for different people and every one should go on their own pursuit of Happiness.

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