Sunday, 1 March 2015

Self Reliance

Our personality is mostly determined by our childhood upbringing and the people who most influence us during that period. Mostly it is our parents or a kith or kin whom we have interacted with.  In today's world it is very important for children to feel confident and be successful.

My father greatly influenced me in my childhood. He was to me like  Jawaharlal Nehru was to Indira Gandhi. I remember him teaching us to be independent from a very early age. From the time I was eight years old I was sent on errands to the market. This way I interacted with a lot of people from early childhood and was never shy.  My errands to the market taught me my Math and quick decision making which I can still boast of. When I was fourteen years my father sent me to various banks to deposit and withdraw money. This boosted my self confidence. When I was still in teens my father encouraged me to take my first maiden flight from Bangalore to Calcutta all alone. I remember my first flight to this day fumbling with the seat belts, nervous but in the end beaming with confidence. When I was eighteen my father booked my flight from Chennai to Tanzania with transit at Dubai, again alone. My father gave a rough written draft of the formalities that I had to undergo at the International Airports and this really helped me. My father encouraged me to take driving classes and I was soon driving my own car. I  finished my graduation from Stella Maris college at Chennai and my father encouraged me to apply for the course myself. My father  believed in liberation of woman and when I landed my first job in Mumbai. He encouraged me to stay in an Apartment in Mumbai. My father always encouraged me to know the value of money and even now I make wise financial decisions based on this. Watching and encouraging me to track the Sensex, he created a keen interest in the stock market which helped me do online trading later in my life. When we were growing up my sister and I had do a lot of the household chores and help with the cooking. Now that I am now married and mother of two, I had to multitask so much. I am a working woman too. My days begin at 6 in the morning and ends at 10 in the night and it is my confidence and self reliance that makes my life as a wife, mother and a working woman easier. I always send a special message to my Dad on father's day for inculcating values of confidence which has helped me tremendously.

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