Thursday, 5 March 2015


I received a good education in my childhood. I studied in a central school which provides a very good system of education with all round development of the individual in mind. I breezed through school and College with flying colours. Despite this fate had only marriage in store for me in my early years. I have been happily married for twenty five years, raised two beautiful kids but deep inside me was a ache for a little identity of my own. A little something for myself!  Also since the kids had flown the nest there was so much time in my hands.

I looked at my friends with envy. They had all scaled heights and were balancing home and work and leading a full life. I seriously started thinking of a part time job. I explored my credentials. A degree in Journalism and a good Business sense were my assets. I decided I would go in for " Writing" since  that came easily to me and I could do it from home. A friend suggested " Blogging". I started by writing and qualifying for "Indiblogger" and "Bloggadda". I had to write at least ten articles for the team to accept my credentials in these sites. And during the Happy Hours I sent in my first topic and won a gift voucher of Rs1500, I nearly jumped with joy. I danced a little jig filled with Optimism and hope for the future.

Writing had always been my passion and finally I gained recognition in a small way. I was jubilant. My family members shared my joy. I continued to write which helped me to earn from home and also satisfy my passion for writing. I felt blogging was the right career for me. Once I gained recognition as a blogger I would bid for jobs more easily and with more confidence. I enjoyed reading and had knowledge on a variety of topics right from Politics, Nutrition, Lifestyle to Cooking. Blogging has taken me to restaurants where I blog on food. Being a foodie I enjoyed being a food blogger. My love for cars took me to car showrooms to write about cars. So having a career in blogging and writing has filled me with optimism and confidence. I no longer have inferiority complex when I met my other friends who are all savvy career women. Since I started freelancing  my husband looked at me with interest and respect. He liked the independent streak in me and started asking my opinion in all important matters. My children also liked my new identity and were proud of me. I was jubilant when I won a prize of Rs 50,000 in a writing contest. With the money coming in through my freelancing we were able to buy a lot of things for the house which we could not otherwise afford and filled my world with joy and hope.

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