Saturday, 25 April 2015

Crash the Pepsi IPL

The Pepsi advertisements seems very alluring and appealing. They seem very romantic and sets my adrenaline  pumping. I loved the advertisement of a couple staring into each other's eyes and watching the  IPL. The tilt of music is a lovely punjabi  dialect. The girl lifts her chin and looks at the boy in a sexy way. In this lively advertisement the Pepsi can is opened and the Pepsi fizzes out. The dances are very good with the song IPL hall uh machao. The totally relaxing IPL advertisements are great.  One shows the calming waters of  the ocean which seems soothing for the mind. Watching the ocean is as soothing as watching a bottle of Pepsi being opened. In the beach hotties two people share a bottle of Pepsi together. The backdrop of the beach is alluring. The yellow top worn by the girl looks very colorful against the blue waters of the ocean. I loved the advertisements. It made my heart sing like never before. The advertisement by Karan Sagar is hilarious. The boys and girls look so chic and I love their dancing and fast tune of the background music. The cricket video by Paul J Kokkat was hilarious with the girls diving and catching the ball.  The action replay of the video is also very good. Pranav Bhasin asks for water and finally decides between water and pepsi. Pepsi wins as he chooses to drink pepsi. The pepsi can came out popping and the fizzing of the soda is nice to watch. All the Pepsi advertisements are against different backdrops and terrains right from beaches to sunsets to deserts. The direction and the action replay are fantastic. IPL is certainly lucky to have this advertiser as a sponsor. The light effects and photography are really excellent. It is nice to see a young population watching India's favorite game amidst jubilation applause and share so much excitement. The music accompanying the video seems excellent and I feel like dancing with the young population and share their exuberance. In mera secret the boy spends time in the auto rickshaw and spends time listening to cricket commentary on the way. Pepsi hai Sath me to kismat Hai. Once again an advertisement in the cricket pitch is Ek tarika Pepsi Chinneka. That is a lovely advertisement. Each of these advertisements take us to a different land and Pepsi certainly seems to add zing to our lives.

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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Dil Ki Deal in Las Vegas

I have always been a people's person. I love to laugh, mingle with people and share something with them. I grew up in a big joint family so I am what I am. A "people's person". Two very special people in my life are my mother and mother in Law.

My mother has always been a strong influence in my childhood. I am a good housekeeper a cook and a multitasker, all because of my mother. A person full of sunshine and laughter and very multitalented person . She still adds some spark to my life and I love it when she visits us. She is also a favorite with the grandchildren, tossing a favorite recipe.

My mother-in-law is another favorite person who has always treated me more like a daughter than a daughter-in-law. After marriage I studied and have a career even now. These are the two special people in my life. "Mothers day" was fast approaching and I wanted this mother's day to be special and something they would remember.  Two very special people who had sacrificed so much to see me happy. Well I decided to take them on a "Cox and Kings" ten day trip of the United States.

 Among all the places they visited, they loved Las Vegas. My mother and mother-in-law exclaimed at amazement  when  they saw the wide road and the beautiful greenery and landscaping at Las Vegas. They enjoyed and shouted at everything that was new to them in the United States. Then I took them inside the casinos. They were amazed at the dresses worn by some of the ladies and men. They were dressed formally some of them depicting fictional characters. Ladies and Men were seen playing Poker. My mothers eyes nearly popped out when she saw the casino. They gambled at the slot machines and won and lost randomly. But the experience was terrific for the two women who had never traveled  much from home. The glitz, the glamour and the fictional aura of the place made them exclaim with wonder. They loved being in Las Vegas on "Mothers day" a tale to tell all their family. When we went back to our rooms they hugged me and they said the day had been very special and they were happy I was sharing and returning their love. Other spots they loved in United States were Grand canyon and skiing in Colorado springs.

So by taking the two favorite women in my life on a ten day trip to the United States I fulfilled my dream by seeing them so happy.

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ASUS Zenfone 2/The great Smart Phone Experience

I initially had Nokia 3310. My husband gave it to me ten years back and I have been having it for a good many years. The Nokia proved to be an old fashioned but reliable phone. Not a great phone to show off with but something that came very handy and I loved it because of its handiness. Then when I decided to buy a smartphone I decided the Asus Zenphone 2 would be my next buy because of its many attractive features.

I  always loved all things bright and beautiful. And I liked its design  and appearance a lot. It had a bold elegant look. It is also rear mounted and the shutter button is ideally positioned for your index finger. It also has a seventy two percent screen to body ratio for a maximum viewing experience so that everything is bigger, brighter and more beautiful. 

The Asus Zen phone 2 is powered by a 2.3 GHz 64  bit Intel Atom Z3580 processor and has a 4 GB RAM and the gaming experience is 7 times faster than its predecessor. One can enjoy features like web surfing, smooth video play back great gaming experience and multitasking. The Intel Inside logo gives a lot of confidence.

The 13 megapixel master camera produces stunning high resolution photos with zero shutter lag. It's superior technology captures 400 percent brighter photos at night or in low light scenes without the need for a flash. The super HDR also let's you see clearly  through day time shadow and when more light enters Zenfone 2's  real tone flash ensures warm skin tones and accurate color. 

Asus Zen fone has an exclusive technology that charges devices much faster than traditional speeds.Thus the battery is charged upto 60 percent in more than 39 minutes and its battery is 3000mAH much more powerful than most other batteries. 

It has a dual sim capacity has its own advantages. It's technology is highly efficient so that you will never miss a call. One can make and receive calls on sim one and if some one tries to contact you on sim two you can switch easily. 

Just thinking of the Asus Zenfone 2  makes me very excited. My old Nokia  seems old boring compared to that. I am a person who loves  new technology and innovations. The new Asus Zenfone 2 seems to be a thing of marvel and beauty , I believe it is going to come with exciting accessories. I am sure by getting this phone I am going to be the envy of my friends and relatives. 

Kudos to ASUS Zenfone 2. Looks like it is going to be a dream come true and looking forward to flaunt it in front of my friends.

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Sunday, 12 April 2015

My Dil Ki Deal story

I was in my third year of college living in hostel within the campus. The campus was really huge with good roads and we found it really exciting to ride bi-cycles inside the campus. On a sunny Saturday I was cycling around 3 in the afternoon when I saw a girl crossing the road ahead and fell down on the side of the road. I slowed my bike and realized she was in fits. I was about to cycle past but one look at her face stopped me. What if she gets sun stroke? I stopped the cycle next to her, took her hand and kept it on the cycle stand. Her tender hand grabbed the metal tightly and within minutes she regained her consciousness. She got up looked a bit weak but was steady. She mumbled something to thank me and said she can walk back home as it was very close. I followed her from a distance just to ensure she was safe. I realized that her father was a professor in the college and her house just 200 feet from the spot.

Two days later, I was surprised to bump into her near the temple inside the campus. She thanked me for helping her the other day and said her parents wanted to meet me and asked If I could come to her house for lunch during the weekend? I understood that her name was Uma. Her parents were a friendly couple and her father told me that he scolded her daughter for not even thanking me properly for the help. One thing led to another and soon I almost became a family friend to her parents.

I wanted to present something to Uma but was too shy. Internet came to my rescue and I decided to order a gift for her Online. She called me when the gift reached her and told me that the gift was wonderful and made her feel special.

I spoke to my parents, they were very understanding and said that they won't have an objection to whoever I choose as my life partner. I was soon caught up with studies and the campus interviews became very important. When I got a job I took some sweets and met the professor. I wanted to ask him something but he took me aside and asked me if I want to marry Uma, he will meet my parents the following week to seek their approval. I felt the dil ki deal magic playing in front of me while I accepted his request.

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Saturday, 4 April 2015

Wash a bucket challenge

My husband retired in his early fifties while I continued to work as a school teacher. My husband decided to retire early because of some health problems. Initially  when both my husband and I were working since he was on a touring job I was more of a multitasker and did most of the chores. I almost brought up my children singlehanded. After my husbands retirement we moved to the outskirts of the city. It was lovely living in the outskirts of the city. But servants were hard to get and soon i had to do all our own work. I soon became very tired balancing home and work. The house looked so dirty. The sink was full of dirty dishes. The floors  looked dirty. There was piles of clothes to be washed.  Finally I decided to take the matter in my hands. I asked my son and husband to share the household chores. Initially there was groans and moans. My husband had never done much household work. Finally after seeing an adamant feminist streak in me he decided to pitch in. My husband is person who hates messes. He decided he did not like the idea of doing dishes. Instead my son and he decided to the laundry the easiest of all household work. My husband knew that I am a systematic person and love things to be done perfectly. My husband and son segregated the laundry to colours and whites. They also used a whitener for the whites.  My husband and son soon started doing the laundry on their own to perfection.They used Ariel detergent and every morning I would have a set of clean washed clothes. Since they helped a little the house was more clean. I was also able to leave earlier for work and spend more time with my family. Seeing me look happier My husband felt we had done the right thing in sharing the household chores. 

This post is written for Ariel's #WashABucket challenge.