Saturday, 25 April 2015

Crash the Pepsi IPL

The Pepsi advertisements seems very alluring and appealing. They seem very romantic and sets my adrenaline  pumping. I loved the advertisement of a couple staring into each other's eyes and watching the  IPL. The tilt of music is a lovely punjabi  dialect. The girl lifts her chin and looks at the boy in a sexy way. In this lively advertisement the Pepsi can is opened and the Pepsi fizzes out. The dances are very good with the song IPL hall uh machao. The totally relaxing IPL advertisements are great.  One shows the calming waters of  the ocean which seems soothing for the mind. Watching the ocean is as soothing as watching a bottle of Pepsi being opened. In the beach hotties two people share a bottle of Pepsi together. The backdrop of the beach is alluring. The yellow top worn by the girl looks very colorful against the blue waters of the ocean. I loved the advertisements. It made my heart sing like never before. The advertisement by Karan Sagar is hilarious. The boys and girls look so chic and I love their dancing and fast tune of the background music. The cricket video by Paul J Kokkat was hilarious with the girls diving and catching the ball.  The action replay of the video is also very good. Pranav Bhasin asks for water and finally decides between water and pepsi. Pepsi wins as he chooses to drink pepsi. The pepsi can came out popping and the fizzing of the soda is nice to watch. All the Pepsi advertisements are against different backdrops and terrains right from beaches to sunsets to deserts. The direction and the action replay are fantastic. IPL is certainly lucky to have this advertiser as a sponsor. The light effects and photography are really excellent. It is nice to see a young population watching India's favorite game amidst jubilation applause and share so much excitement. The music accompanying the video seems excellent and I feel like dancing with the young population and share their exuberance. In mera secret the boy spends time in the auto rickshaw and spends time listening to cricket commentary on the way. Pepsi hai Sath me to kismat Hai. Once again an advertisement in the cricket pitch is Ek tarika Pepsi Chinneka. That is a lovely advertisement. Each of these advertisements take us to a different land and Pepsi certainly seems to add zing to our lives.

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