Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Dil Ki Deal in Las Vegas

I have always been a people's person. I love to laugh, mingle with people and share something with them. I grew up in a big joint family so I am what I am. A "people's person". Two very special people in my life are my mother and mother in Law.

My mother has always been a strong influence in my childhood. I am a good housekeeper a cook and a multitasker, all because of my mother. A person full of sunshine and laughter and very multitalented person . She still adds some spark to my life and I love it when she visits us. She is also a favorite with the grandchildren, tossing a favorite recipe.

My mother-in-law is another favorite person who has always treated me more like a daughter than a daughter-in-law. After marriage I studied and have a career even now. These are the two special people in my life. "Mothers day" was fast approaching and I wanted this mother's day to be special and something they would remember.  Two very special people who had sacrificed so much to see me happy. Well I decided to take them on a "Cox and Kings" ten day trip of the United States.

 Among all the places they visited, they loved Las Vegas. My mother and mother-in-law exclaimed at amazement  when  they saw the wide road and the beautiful greenery and landscaping at Las Vegas. They enjoyed and shouted at everything that was new to them in the United States. Then I took them inside the casinos. They were amazed at the dresses worn by some of the ladies and men. They were dressed formally some of them depicting fictional characters. Ladies and Men were seen playing Poker. My mothers eyes nearly popped out when she saw the casino. They gambled at the slot machines and won and lost randomly. But the experience was terrific for the two women who had never traveled  much from home. The glitz, the glamour and the fictional aura of the place made them exclaim with wonder. They loved being in Las Vegas on "Mothers day" a tale to tell all their family. When we went back to our rooms they hugged me and they said the day had been very special and they were happy I was sharing and returning their love. Other spots they loved in United States were Grand canyon and skiing in Colorado springs.

So by taking the two favorite women in my life on a ten day trip to the United States I fulfilled my dream by seeing them so happy.

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