Sunday, 12 April 2015

My Dil Ki Deal story

I was in my third year of college living in hostel within the campus. The campus was really huge with good roads and we found it really exciting to ride bi-cycles inside the campus. On a sunny Saturday I was cycling around 3 in the afternoon when I saw a girl crossing the road ahead and fell down on the side of the road. I slowed my bike and realized she was in fits. I was about to cycle past but one look at her face stopped me. What if she gets sun stroke? I stopped the cycle next to her, took her hand and kept it on the cycle stand. Her tender hand grabbed the metal tightly and within minutes she regained her consciousness. She got up looked a bit weak but was steady. She mumbled something to thank me and said she can walk back home as it was very close. I followed her from a distance just to ensure she was safe. I realized that her father was a professor in the college and her house just 200 feet from the spot.

Two days later, I was surprised to bump into her near the temple inside the campus. She thanked me for helping her the other day and said her parents wanted to meet me and asked If I could come to her house for lunch during the weekend? I understood that her name was Uma. Her parents were a friendly couple and her father told me that he scolded her daughter for not even thanking me properly for the help. One thing led to another and soon I almost became a family friend to her parents.

I wanted to present something to Uma but was too shy. Internet came to my rescue and I decided to order a gift for her Online. She called me when the gift reached her and told me that the gift was wonderful and made her feel special.

I spoke to my parents, they were very understanding and said that they won't have an objection to whoever I choose as my life partner. I was soon caught up with studies and the campus interviews became very important. When I got a job I took some sweets and met the professor. I wanted to ask him something but he took me aside and asked me if I want to marry Uma, he will meet my parents the following week to seek their approval. I felt the dil ki deal magic playing in front of me while I accepted his request.

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