Sunday, 31 May 2015

'Fool Me Twice'

My husband and I had a whirl wind courtship and we finally got married. He was the dark handsome hero of my life. We were really in love with each other falling in each other's arms oblivious to the world. He was a very good looking man, a man who one could not miss when he entered a room. Full six feet tall, with rugged features  a man, women could scarcely miss. We had been married for two years and I still thought there was love and ambers still glowed. But I started having doubts when I found a perfumed handkerchief in his pant pocket. He confronted me saying nothing was amiss and his colleague's handkerchief had come to his pocket by mistake. I believed him. But fate had it that I caught my husband and colleague in a restaurant in very close quarters. I confronted my husband openly in the restaurant with his beau. What followed was tears and quarrels. My husband promised me this would never happen again. My parents who did not want the whole thing to end in Divorce adviced me to forgive him. I did it  with much reluctance. Five years passed and I almost forgave him and We had even a beautiful daughter. My husband was a doting father. One day when I was using his cell phone I came across some intimate messages from a woman called Rita. I could not bear it anymore and walked out of the apartment and left for my parents house. I sobbed at my parents arms and told them about his infidelity and that too for the second time. My parents sympathized with me and from than onwards my husband and I have separated. Marriage is a bondage formed with trust and when my husband fooled me twice we had to seperate. Not all marriages are made in heaven. 

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Sunday, 24 May 2015

At first sight

My brother who was studying in the United States had got engaged. I was very excited. He had got engaged to a girl in the Detriot. She had studied with her in Toledo University. I was to visit Toledo shortly. I had seen photos of the girl and heard so many stories of her. I was dying to see her. It excited me that it was a love marriage. My brother had really broken the arranged marriage trend that had seemed the trend in our family. As I got on the flight I was more excited than ever. I had seen photos of her but nothing like seeing her in person. I was received in the apartment by my brother and his fiancée. She was a cheerful petite girl. She seemed quite beautiful and I couldn't take my eyes off her. She had a easy wit and humor. I liked the way she kept the apartment. The Apartment was kept in a very artistic way. She seemed multitalented in a lot of ways. She seemed to be a dress designer and interior decorator too. She made me feel at ease and had cooked a variety of dishes for my first visit. Thus she seemed a very warm person. I felt very happy at my brothers choice. I conveyed to my mother what a lovely companion my brother had chosen. My future sister in law made a lovely first impression and I was really happy at my brothers choice.

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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

A Trip down Memory Lane

I remember as if it was yesterday that my daughter was born in the pink birthing room in a hospital room in Alexandria, Virginia in the United States. She was a beautiful baby right from childhood with lovely dark hair. All the other babies that were in the baby room were bald and the nurses and doctors exclaimed at her fair skin and beautiful hair that covered her completely. The first years were fun watching my baby coo and chuckle. Our trips to the paedritrician were informative as well as fun as we watched her grow anxiously. We spent a second childhood with her in many ways. I had always loved reading and passed my love of books to her. We proudly watched her trick or treating as Snowhite in tha Mall. We watched her with pride when she won a spelling bee competition in her school. She started driving her bicycle without training wheels which made me glow with pride. She would compete equally with the boys right from rock climbing to go karting. She got her  drivers lIcense quite easily and soon was painting the town red with her car. When we came back to India after being in US for fifteen years the culture shock hit us all equally. But I am proud to say my daughter adapted very soon. She continued her Bharathnatyam classes and soon gave her Arangetram performance. My husband and I wiped unshed tears as she gave dance performance with confidence, grace and elegance. The chief guest was none than the accomplished danseuse Shobana. My daughter completed her schooling with flying colours. Accolades and more Accolades when she came first in the All India Examination in  Pshychology. There were only two seats in the forward category in psychology and she got in the forward quota. So it has been always been Accolades, graffiti raining on us from the time my daughter was born. Among her many accomplishments have been writing, a gift which few people have. When she published her young adult fiction at eighteen our whole family was in the limelight. The media was at our doorstep and we enjoyed being chased by the Papparazi. Yes it certainly has been a joyous, fun filled and interesting childhood with my daughter full of happy memories. As I look at my daughter sitting beside me on the couch I cannot believe it was yesterday that I had nestled that cherub in my arms.

Friday, 15 May 2015

Pepsi Advertisements - My votes

I nominate the "Free Hugs" Crash the Pepsi video as the best advertisement. It is funny and also brings out how people love Pepsi. The music in the background is very nice and came alive and had a lovely lilt. It seems like a great advertisement and I really loved it. I particularly liked the advertisement on how the man draws the girl's attention by displaying the Free Pepsi sign and when she is drinking Pepsi, he changes it back to free hugs which even amused the girl in the advertisement. This advertisement is fun, brings out the craze for the drink and is sure to be liked by one and all. Overall this is a wonderful advertisement with a good chance of being voted a winner.

My second vote is for the "Sharing is Caring" Crash the Pepsi video. I almost danced seeing the advertisement. The three girls after opening their Pepsi cans and performing cheers with pepsi foam oozing out, sees a man who seemed alone and sad.  I particularly liked the advertisement because it was so caring. When they share the drink with the man, his face lights up and becomes very happy, performs cheers and starts dancing with them. This reminds me of the three musketeers that we all have read in our school days with a bit of modern day glamour attached. This advertisement, in my opinion is a close second.

My third vote is for the Crash the Pepsi IPL ad by Vallatic Films. It starts off with different people men, women, girls and boys of all ages opening Pepsi bottles and enjoying the drink. This shows how refreshing the drink is and how it is loved by people of all ages. As the ad shows more and more people drinking Pepsi directly from bottles, the music picks up tempo and starts beating faster. I really like how they create the collage at the end of the advertisement.

Most videos were really good and choosing the winner is no easy task. When you look into the details of the advertisement and the sublimal messages produced by the advertisements, some really stand out even in the case of stiff competition. The winning advertisement should be able to hold the attention of the viewer who is generally happy to switch channels whenever the advertisement starts. I believe the above three advertisements are capable of holding the viewers attention and fall in that category.

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Thursday, 14 May 2015

Book Review of Ramayana the Game of Life

Ramayana the Game of life is written very well. It portrays all main characters very well. Keikayi and Manthara seem ruthless in putting the king Dasratha in anguish. The scene when Keikayi  asks for her Boons and asks Rama be sent to the forest and Baratha  to  be  crowned as king is heartrending. The anguish and sorrow felt by Kaushalya is heart rending. Life comes to a standstill in Ayodhya when Rama is sent to the forest.  The devotion of Sita is worth commenting about in the book. She is the typical Indian woman of yore so devoted to her husband. The coarse grass where she sleeps in the forest does not make her complain. She is just happy to be with her lord. She wants to share her Happiness and sadness with him in the forest.  The other persons that one can talk definitely about is lakshmana and Bharata. Bharata is very angry with his mother for chasing away Rama and his devotion and brotherly love is very well described in the book that brings tears to our eyes. Thus this Ramayana written by Shubha Vilas once again brings our epic in front of our eyes and we see the characters come alive in our eyes. In this era of Harry potter, Princess Diaries and other such fiction our Epics have totally disappeared off our tables. The Ramayana has a lot to teach the present generation and I am glad it has come back with its same vigor and values with Shubh Vilas narration. Shubh Vilas simple language is appealing and the portrayal of the characters have been done very well. In a country like India where culture is slowly disappearing Authors like Shubh Vilas are keeping the beacon of our culture still burning. The whole epic of Ramayana revolves round love. Sita for her love for Rama. Lakshmana's love is also something we cannot describe in words. Lakshmana was engaged in serving Rama for fourteen years. And Urmila showed inertia in serving Lakshmana for sleeping for fourteen years. Both of them served the one they loved and showed mental proximity uneffected by physical distance. Ramayana as an epic tells us to handle life positively. It also teaches us to handle temptation. Shubh Vilas Ramayana teaches us how relationships work in this world and how we should handle love hate and other emotions. The Mahabharata and Ramayana and Gandhism are epics which are totally disappearing. It was certainly refreshing to read the Ramayana once again and go through that  merry go round of emotions and virtues. Kudos to Subh Vilas for making the beautiful epic come alive with all it's full meaning in front of my eyes. 

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Monday, 11 May 2015

My First Expert

My mother has always been a colorful personality. When we were growing she used to fill the room with sunshine. A woman full of sunshine and laughter. Even now my mother is a person whom one cannot miss in a room full of people and has a strong magnetic personality. Though I am forty years old I still miss her and call her everyday and pick on bits of news and gossip about our kith and kin. 

My mother would always be waiting for us when we got back from school. We lived in a number of places in India and my mother would easily pick up the language and culture of that place and share it with us. When we were at Calcutta my mother would  eagerly wait for us with "samosas" and Rasogullas and wait for us to come from school  and want us to share all interesting incidents from school. She would want to share all incidents that took place at school. We used to live in Calcutta  and it used to be a wonderful shopping haven and I remember the common love that myself and my mother used to have for shopping. The endless clothes that we used to buy and after coming home how I used to wear the clothes and my mother used to look at me proudly. These are some fond memories that I share with my mother. I used to be a utterly spoilt child and buy clothes for other peoples birthdays. Thus I grew up as a little princess during my teenage years and the spoilt daughter of my mother. My mother made my growing up years fun filled and made me a multitasker. I still remember the cakes we used to bake and the fun and laughter we used to share amidst flour filled hands.

My years at medical college were proud moments for my mother and I tried to share a little of my medical knowledge with my mother who seemed an interesting listener. My graduation was indeed a proud moment in my parents life, a moment that they cherish a lot and always have fond memories. 

My marriage was a very grand affair and I still remember my mothers involvement in it. I still remember my mother teasing me when she saw me blushing when I saw my fiancée. The saris picked by my mother were really fabulous and we still look at the album and congrajulate each other at the excellent choice of saries. We still remember fondly how many boutiques we trudged to make our choices. 

My most wonderful memories that I even share with my mom are when I delivered my  first baby in the United States. The whole novelty of the experience we share now many a time. The birthing pink room, the Lamaze classes, the short hospital stay and the epidural injection are all highlights of my daughters birth in the United states twenty years ago of which we both share vivid memories.  Bringing up my toddler was a joy and my mother was with me to share that joy. The lovely high tech toys and  the comfort of diapers made babyhood very easy and my mother and I still have vivid memories of how we enjoyed it. The theme parks at Unites States brought its own joy and we became almost like children when we took my toddler there. 

My mother still holds a special place in my life. Other than sharing memories and laughter I make sure I give her a very special gift on Mothers Day. 

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Thursday, 7 May 2015

A New Beginning

Kapil Dev looks as charming as ever when he talks about the new league that is coming up. Initially cricket needs to be played with the heart but for the new league that was coming up you need to have more zeal to play. Times have changed and it is more difficult to win the new League. With ever increasing competition, it is certainly difficult to win the New League. Kapil is getting a little nostalgic about his retirement days. He talks about how his mentor would never allow him to take retirement and beautifully told him "Kabhi  nahi Kabhi nahi". He talks about friend Dhoni's upcoming retirement. He is once again talking about the new league and how he would get a hit wicket if he plays for the New League. It is very competitive to play for the new league. In Indian sports there is lot of money involved. Kapil Dev says that in his times he did not make much money while playing cricket. But the current generation of young cricketers and other sports people are really doing well. Kapil feels happy that Yuvraj was able to make as much as 16 crores while playing for the IPL. He played with his heart while playing the Game but the New League that Kapil is talking about needs something more than the heart  to play. Though Kapil has become a big star every one still  feels like calling him Bitoo. Yes! Kapil has been always been a big star but still everyone  likes to call him by his pet name. He asked to follow the Twitter handle and he will know what kind of League it is. So Kapil dev is saying it is a special type of League and it needs something more than playing from the heart. More enthusiasm and more perseverance to play in the League and make the game a success. Kapil Dev's drawling voice has a special charm and the message was appealing and to the point. Kapil Dev still has not lost his appeal and the message certainly seems to be a crowd puller. I was reminded of the Kapil Dev of the seventies and the man seems to have matured with age. Kudos! to Kapil Dev, truly the star of Indian Cricket. Kapil Dev may have left the cricket field years back but I feel he should continue with commenting as he has so much knowledge to impart to his peers. Watching him and his commentary filled me with new enthusiasm for the game. Cricket is played with much fervour in India and Kapil Dev is one of the cricketers who has kept the candle for this sport burning. Kudos to Kapil and let us follow him on his new twitter account.

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