Thursday, 7 May 2015

A New Beginning

Kapil Dev looks as charming as ever when he talks about the new league that is coming up. Initially cricket needs to be played with the heart but for the new league that was coming up you need to have more zeal to play. Times have changed and it is more difficult to win the new League. With ever increasing competition, it is certainly difficult to win the New League. Kapil is getting a little nostalgic about his retirement days. He talks about how his mentor would never allow him to take retirement and beautifully told him "Kabhi  nahi Kabhi nahi". He talks about friend Dhoni's upcoming retirement. He is once again talking about the new league and how he would get a hit wicket if he plays for the New League. It is very competitive to play for the new league. In Indian sports there is lot of money involved. Kapil Dev says that in his times he did not make much money while playing cricket. But the current generation of young cricketers and other sports people are really doing well. Kapil feels happy that Yuvraj was able to make as much as 16 crores while playing for the IPL. He played with his heart while playing the Game but the New League that Kapil is talking about needs something more than the heart  to play. Though Kapil has become a big star every one still  feels like calling him Bitoo. Yes! Kapil has been always been a big star but still everyone  likes to call him by his pet name. He asked to follow the Twitter handle and he will know what kind of League it is. So Kapil dev is saying it is a special type of League and it needs something more than playing from the heart. More enthusiasm and more perseverance to play in the League and make the game a success. Kapil Dev's drawling voice has a special charm and the message was appealing and to the point. Kapil Dev still has not lost his appeal and the message certainly seems to be a crowd puller. I was reminded of the Kapil Dev of the seventies and the man seems to have matured with age. Kudos! to Kapil Dev, truly the star of Indian Cricket. Kapil Dev may have left the cricket field years back but I feel he should continue with commenting as he has so much knowledge to impart to his peers. Watching him and his commentary filled me with new enthusiasm for the game. Cricket is played with much fervour in India and Kapil Dev is one of the cricketers who has kept the candle for this sport burning. Kudos to Kapil and let us follow him on his new twitter account.

Note: This blog post is written for Ek Nayi League.

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