Thursday, 14 May 2015

Book Review of Ramayana the Game of Life

Ramayana the Game of life is written very well. It portrays all main characters very well. Keikayi and Manthara seem ruthless in putting the king Dasratha in anguish. The scene when Keikayi  asks for her Boons and asks Rama be sent to the forest and Baratha  to  be  crowned as king is heartrending. The anguish and sorrow felt by Kaushalya is heart rending. Life comes to a standstill in Ayodhya when Rama is sent to the forest.  The devotion of Sita is worth commenting about in the book. She is the typical Indian woman of yore so devoted to her husband. The coarse grass where she sleeps in the forest does not make her complain. She is just happy to be with her lord. She wants to share her Happiness and sadness with him in the forest.  The other persons that one can talk definitely about is lakshmana and Bharata. Bharata is very angry with his mother for chasing away Rama and his devotion and brotherly love is very well described in the book that brings tears to our eyes. Thus this Ramayana written by Shubha Vilas once again brings our epic in front of our eyes and we see the characters come alive in our eyes. In this era of Harry potter, Princess Diaries and other such fiction our Epics have totally disappeared off our tables. The Ramayana has a lot to teach the present generation and I am glad it has come back with its same vigor and values with Shubh Vilas narration. Shubh Vilas simple language is appealing and the portrayal of the characters have been done very well. In a country like India where culture is slowly disappearing Authors like Shubh Vilas are keeping the beacon of our culture still burning. The whole epic of Ramayana revolves round love. Sita for her love for Rama. Lakshmana's love is also something we cannot describe in words. Lakshmana was engaged in serving Rama for fourteen years. And Urmila showed inertia in serving Lakshmana for sleeping for fourteen years. Both of them served the one they loved and showed mental proximity uneffected by physical distance. Ramayana as an epic tells us to handle life positively. It also teaches us to handle temptation. Shubh Vilas Ramayana teaches us how relationships work in this world and how we should handle love hate and other emotions. The Mahabharata and Ramayana and Gandhism are epics which are totally disappearing. It was certainly refreshing to read the Ramayana once again and go through that  merry go round of emotions and virtues. Kudos to Subh Vilas for making the beautiful epic come alive with all it's full meaning in front of my eyes. 

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