Sunday, 31 May 2015

'Fool Me Twice'

My husband and I had a whirl wind courtship and we finally got married. He was the dark handsome hero of my life. We were really in love with each other falling in each other's arms oblivious to the world. He was a very good looking man, a man who one could not miss when he entered a room. Full six feet tall, with rugged features  a man, women could scarcely miss. We had been married for two years and I still thought there was love and ambers still glowed. But I started having doubts when I found a perfumed handkerchief in his pant pocket. He confronted me saying nothing was amiss and his colleague's handkerchief had come to his pocket by mistake. I believed him. But fate had it that I caught my husband and colleague in a restaurant in very close quarters. I confronted my husband openly in the restaurant with his beau. What followed was tears and quarrels. My husband promised me this would never happen again. My parents who did not want the whole thing to end in Divorce adviced me to forgive him. I did it  with much reluctance. Five years passed and I almost forgave him and We had even a beautiful daughter. My husband was a doting father. One day when I was using his cell phone I came across some intimate messages from a woman called Rita. I could not bear it anymore and walked out of the apartment and left for my parents house. I sobbed at my parents arms and told them about his infidelity and that too for the second time. My parents sympathized with me and from than onwards my husband and I have separated. Marriage is a bondage formed with trust and when my husband fooled me twice we had to seperate. Not all marriages are made in heaven. 

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