Monday, 11 May 2015

My First Expert

My mother has always been a colorful personality. When we were growing she used to fill the room with sunshine. A woman full of sunshine and laughter. Even now my mother is a person whom one cannot miss in a room full of people and has a strong magnetic personality. Though I am forty years old I still miss her and call her everyday and pick on bits of news and gossip about our kith and kin. 

My mother would always be waiting for us when we got back from school. We lived in a number of places in India and my mother would easily pick up the language and culture of that place and share it with us. When we were at Calcutta my mother would  eagerly wait for us with "samosas" and Rasogullas and wait for us to come from school  and want us to share all interesting incidents from school. She would want to share all incidents that took place at school. We used to live in Calcutta  and it used to be a wonderful shopping haven and I remember the common love that myself and my mother used to have for shopping. The endless clothes that we used to buy and after coming home how I used to wear the clothes and my mother used to look at me proudly. These are some fond memories that I share with my mother. I used to be a utterly spoilt child and buy clothes for other peoples birthdays. Thus I grew up as a little princess during my teenage years and the spoilt daughter of my mother. My mother made my growing up years fun filled and made me a multitasker. I still remember the cakes we used to bake and the fun and laughter we used to share amidst flour filled hands.

My years at medical college were proud moments for my mother and I tried to share a little of my medical knowledge with my mother who seemed an interesting listener. My graduation was indeed a proud moment in my parents life, a moment that they cherish a lot and always have fond memories. 

My marriage was a very grand affair and I still remember my mothers involvement in it. I still remember my mother teasing me when she saw me blushing when I saw my fiancĂ©e. The saris picked by my mother were really fabulous and we still look at the album and congrajulate each other at the excellent choice of saries. We still remember fondly how many boutiques we trudged to make our choices. 

My most wonderful memories that I even share with my mom are when I delivered my  first baby in the United States. The whole novelty of the experience we share now many a time. The birthing pink room, the Lamaze classes, the short hospital stay and the epidural injection are all highlights of my daughters birth in the United states twenty years ago of which we both share vivid memories.  Bringing up my toddler was a joy and my mother was with me to share that joy. The lovely high tech toys and  the comfort of diapers made babyhood very easy and my mother and I still have vivid memories of how we enjoyed it. The theme parks at Unites States brought its own joy and we became almost like children when we took my toddler there. 

My mother still holds a special place in my life. Other than sharing memories and laughter I make sure I give her a very special gift on Mothers Day. 

This blog is written for Godrej.

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