Sunday, 24 May 2015

At first sight

My brother who was studying in the United States had got engaged. I was very excited. He had got engaged to a girl in the Detriot. She had studied with her in Toledo University. I was to visit Toledo shortly. I had seen photos of the girl and heard so many stories of her. I was dying to see her. It excited me that it was a love marriage. My brother had really broken the arranged marriage trend that had seemed the trend in our family. As I got on the flight I was more excited than ever. I had seen photos of her but nothing like seeing her in person. I was received in the apartment by my brother and his fiancée. She was a cheerful petite girl. She seemed quite beautiful and I couldn't take my eyes off her. She had a easy wit and humor. I liked the way she kept the apartment. The Apartment was kept in a very artistic way. She seemed multitalented in a lot of ways. She seemed to be a dress designer and interior decorator too. She made me feel at ease and had cooked a variety of dishes for my first visit. Thus she seemed a very warm person. I felt very happy at my brothers choice. I conveyed to my mother what a lovely companion my brother had chosen. My future sister in law made a lovely first impression and I was really happy at my brothers choice.

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