Tuesday, 19 May 2015

A Trip down Memory Lane

I remember as if it was yesterday that my daughter was born in the pink birthing room in a hospital room in Alexandria, Virginia in the United States. She was a beautiful baby right from childhood with lovely dark hair. All the other babies that were in the baby room were bald and the nurses and doctors exclaimed at her fair skin and beautiful hair that covered her completely. The first years were fun watching my baby coo and chuckle. Our trips to the paedritrician were informative as well as fun as we watched her grow anxiously. We spent a second childhood with her in many ways. I had always loved reading and passed my love of books to her. We proudly watched her trick or treating as Snowhite in tha Mall. We watched her with pride when she won a spelling bee competition in her school. She started driving her bicycle without training wheels which made me glow with pride. She would compete equally with the boys right from rock climbing to go karting. She got her  drivers lIcense quite easily and soon was painting the town red with her car. When we came back to India after being in US for fifteen years the culture shock hit us all equally. But I am proud to say my daughter adapted very soon. She continued her Bharathnatyam classes and soon gave her Arangetram performance. My husband and I wiped unshed tears as she gave dance performance with confidence, grace and elegance. The chief guest was none than the accomplished danseuse Shobana. My daughter completed her schooling with flying colours. Accolades and more Accolades when she came first in the All India Examination in  Pshychology. There were only two seats in the forward category in psychology and she got in the forward quota. So it has been always been Accolades, graffiti raining on us from the time my daughter was born. Among her many accomplishments have been writing, a gift which few people have. When she published her young adult fiction at eighteen our whole family was in the limelight. The media was at our doorstep and we enjoyed being chased by the Papparazi. Yes it certainly has been a joyous, fun filled and interesting childhood with my daughter full of happy memories. As I look at my daughter sitting beside me on the couch I cannot believe it was yesterday that I had nestled that cherub in my arms.

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