Monday, 15 June 2015

An Unforgettable Evening at the Concert

Music and dance is in my blood. I grew up with Carnatic music as well as pop. Yes! We had a mix of the old and new as far as music and dance was concerned. Abba and Beatles interested me though my friends showed little interest in this kind of pop music. When I was growing up I hummed to various tunes of English and Hindi music. Dances also held my fascination. I grew up learning Bharatnatyam and Kathak. When I had children I had little time for music or dance. Parenting seemed serious business and I was quite preoccupied.

Then when the children reached their teenage years I became more free  and the idiot box and the audio system held my interest. I started attending music concerts during weekends. One weekend I saw the advertisement of artistes Allu Arjun and Anushka Machanda. I decided to go for the show. Allu Arjun danced with a lot of fluidity and ease in his moves.  He was a natural dancer with rhythm in his moves. I felt like dancing to his steps. Anushka's voice was really wonderful and her singing and Allu 's dancing mingled well. Anushka's pop number and Allu's dance seemed something out of this world. Anushka  seemed like a natural singer and the strains of the music were a feast to the ears on that warm June evening. Anushka had been part of the Pop group called Viva. I remember hearing her sing long time back and there was more maturity and appeal in her singing. Allu really danced well swaying his body well. Both the dancer and singer mesmerized the audience. The audience tapped their feet to the sound of music and clapped their hands. Such rhythm and coordination left the audience spellbound. I was really happy I came for the show. The evening that I spent at the concert seemed a change from my daily humdrum . The fast number left my heart soaring. Music and dance has been in our culture for years and as a result of globalization has evolved in its own way. Among the younger generation the interest for the traditional forms of music and dance are fast disappearing. Change seems to be in the air and Rock and pop culture is fast catching up and loved by the young. I really enjoyed this concert of Allu and Anushka and I felt I should attend more such concerts to break the monotony. Anushka Machanda's singing was really wonderful and later I heard many of her songs in Hindi and Tamil.  Music and dance are wonderful ways to de-stress and my husband and I felt very relaxed after attending the concert.

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