Friday, 10 July 2015

Dabur Honey for good health

The saying Health is wealth is certainly true to a certain extent.  So
a balanced diet is very important. It is also very important in young
children so that they can function better mentally. For everyone
Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. We all lead
such busy lives nowadays and with the woman also  having  careers it
is important to remember to have healthy balanced meals. Healthy
balanced meals keeps our energy levels high and keep us way from
frequent visit to the Doctors.  With a lot of fast food joints
mushrooming the younger generation are eating in a very unhealthy way.
As a result of this they get  blood pressure and Diabetes at an
early age. They also want to look very thin and resort to crash diets
at home also.

A balanced healthy diet comprises of adequate amount of protein  and
five to six servings of fresh fruits and vegetables. Some certainly
seem aware of the importance of Balanced healthy diets and have
started including millets in their diets. Millets are healthy and have
adequate amounts of calcium iron and protein.  Millets like ragi,
sammai and fox millet have become very popular. Brown rice is also
becoming popular and replacing the white.

Honey has always been a part of our diets from ancient times and is
known for its health benefits.  Honey Diet helps in weight management,
helps to fight against cold and is also a blood purifier.  It aids in
digestion  and  also acts as blood purifier.  Honey moisturizes  and
nourishes  the skin making it look youthful.  Dabur honey is the best
grade of Honey available. It goes through strict quality checks
before being  processed.  The entire processing  procedure of honey is
done in extremely hygienic  conditions. The honey that  comes  out  is
very pure .  Nowadays  everyone  tries  to add a spoonful to their
diet  for  its nutritional properties. Children  love  smoothies  in
the summer.  It will be more nutritious  if they  added  a spoonful
of honey.  Some  recipes  that are delicious with  honey  are diary
free honey  bread.  Dabur  honey  is used  exclusively  for this
recipe. Granola bars with a mixture of nuts  can be  made using honey.
This is a very healthy  snack for young and old alike. Another
favorite snack  happens to be  cauliflower  fritters  fried in oil
and coated with a topping of honey and sesame seeds. Fruit salads and
deserts topped with honey are delicious.

In the past Honey was a thing in our grandma’s pantry. Now all of us
consume it everyday knowing its wonderful properties. For the beauty
conscious  Honey is a must as it makes the skin glow. It is always
better to go for a reputed brand while buying Honey. Dabur Honey is
certainly the best.

This blog is written for Dabur Honey and Honey Diet.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Technology to the Rescue

Cricket was always a passion for me from my childhood days.  I
remember playing cricket in the roads in Delhi with my peers. In the
seventies cricket was a rage among us youngsters. Sunil Gavasker
used to be the captain.  Ravi Shashtri and Kapil Dev were other
cricket players who held the nation's interest. We also used to follow
the personal lives of the cricketers.  Cricketers always get into
politics and also in the glitz and glamour of the film world.
Cricketers are always chased by beautiful film stars. All this
grapevine interested me and added a halo around the game. In the
childhood days we have so much time to watch cricket.  Parents took
care and all our time was spent glued to the television sets and
picking up all the gossip about the cricketers and their interesting
lives.  Now that I am married and I have lot of responsibilities I do
not much time to sit in front of the television. I am a mother, a wife
and a career woman.  I work from home as a computer consultant and
drop my children at various activities. Some time I am never at home
and I am always on the move.  Technology came to the rescue and I now
have UC browser in my phone. I am able to get hold of commentaries on
the move.  I am able to surf faster with U C browser.  I now have a
ball by ball update wherever I go. Technology makes our lives
enjoyable and comfortable.  This could not be possible twenty years
back.  Just like soccer in the United States, Cricket is a mania for
most of us in India.  Cricket now has come with a change. Initially it
was only through gluing to the television sets. Now through mobile
phones and UC browser cricket scores are at our finger tips every
moment of the day. I prefer watching cricket to watching movies. We
should have some form of entertainment to keep our lives stress free.
Most of us woman folk are busy throughout the day attending to some
task or the other. I find UC browser in my phone extremely useful
while we ladies are in the tennis class or dance class picking up our
children. With the regular cricket updates we young mothers are able
to have an interesting conversation in which the youngsters also join
in. So much for surfing faster in the phone using UC Browser.

Cricket is still is an obsession for us Indians.  With globalization
all of us have very busy careers.  This user friendly browser is
certainly a boon for us cricket enthusiasts. With UC browser I am able
to have time for cricket while paying attention to my family and

This blog is written for UC Browser.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015


I found the article on Beauty to be extremely useful and interesting. Beauty tips are always interesting. I love looking nice and make a monthly visit to the parlor to care for my skin and hair. Otherwise Pollution and the effects of aging will have its own effects on them. Indian Women were first only using basically turmeric for the skin and shikakai for the hair. Now for the last twenty years we use a lot of technology in both skin and hair care.

My skin has always given me a lot of problems. It is very oily. The article gave some wonderful tips on managing oily skin. It says to avoid being outdoors from 9 to 3 as being outdoors too much in the sun increases oil production.  I use sunscreen regularly. It is advised to use oil reducing salicylic acid sunscreen. We should keep the skin hydrated. Use minimum of makeup and foundation. Eat vitamin A rich foods like carrots and spinach that slow down oil production. I found all these tips very useful as I have a very oily complexion. I also have a lot of blackheads in my face and some excellent remedies were suggested some of which worked like magic.  Some effective methods which I later suggested to my friends were using an egg mask, cinnamon and Honey strips, Bentonite clay, Honey and milk pore strips. The antibacterial agents in the honey keep the blackhead causing bacteria away while acting as adhesive to pull out anything clogging the pores. Cinnamon improves the blood circulation and gives skin a healthy glow.  The Olay products were very good. The Olay Regenerist revitalizing cream cleanser proved to be a wonderful product and cleaned the skin without overdrying. The olay anti aging cream seemed a good product and I started using it after consulting my dermatologist.

The Hair care tips were also very useful. I basically have very thin hair and the Nioxin treatment advised in the article seemed very new and informative. According to the article Nioxin uses advanced technologies to deliver fuller denser looking hair.  The Nioxin therapy uses three steps. Cleanse optimize and treat approach. The therapy involves massaging the scalp to stimulate and nourish the scalp to help attain full growth potential.  I started using the Pantene conditioner after reading about it in the article.
Every Woman likes to look beautiful. All the beauty products mentioned in rewards me are new products so for those of us who have lost touch the article is really enlightening.

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