Wednesday, 8 July 2015


I found the article on Beauty to be extremely useful and interesting. Beauty tips are always interesting. I love looking nice and make a monthly visit to the parlor to care for my skin and hair. Otherwise Pollution and the effects of aging will have its own effects on them. Indian Women were first only using basically turmeric for the skin and shikakai for the hair. Now for the last twenty years we use a lot of technology in both skin and hair care.

My skin has always given me a lot of problems. It is very oily. The article gave some wonderful tips on managing oily skin. It says to avoid being outdoors from 9 to 3 as being outdoors too much in the sun increases oil production.  I use sunscreen regularly. It is advised to use oil reducing salicylic acid sunscreen. We should keep the skin hydrated. Use minimum of makeup and foundation. Eat vitamin A rich foods like carrots and spinach that slow down oil production. I found all these tips very useful as I have a very oily complexion. I also have a lot of blackheads in my face and some excellent remedies were suggested some of which worked like magic.  Some effective methods which I later suggested to my friends were using an egg mask, cinnamon and Honey strips, Bentonite clay, Honey and milk pore strips. The antibacterial agents in the honey keep the blackhead causing bacteria away while acting as adhesive to pull out anything clogging the pores. Cinnamon improves the blood circulation and gives skin a healthy glow.  The Olay products were very good. The Olay Regenerist revitalizing cream cleanser proved to be a wonderful product and cleaned the skin without overdrying. The olay anti aging cream seemed a good product and I started using it after consulting my dermatologist.

The Hair care tips were also very useful. I basically have very thin hair and the Nioxin treatment advised in the article seemed very new and informative. According to the article Nioxin uses advanced technologies to deliver fuller denser looking hair.  The Nioxin therapy uses three steps. Cleanse optimize and treat approach. The therapy involves massaging the scalp to stimulate and nourish the scalp to help attain full growth potential.  I started using the Pantene conditioner after reading about it in the article.
Every Woman likes to look beautiful. All the beauty products mentioned in rewards me are new products so for those of us who have lost touch the article is really enlightening.

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