Wednesday, 21 October 2015


During my student days I always loved the company of my cousins and was really close to them. We were living very close by and I used to stay most of my holidays with them. We were of the same age group and watched movies and ate out regularly during vacations. I was the first to get married. My fiance was working abroad and had to leave India within a week after marriage. I got into a different world and slowly was losing touch with my cousins. Within a year they too got married and settled down in different states in India. About 20 years passed; I visited India 4 times but never got to meet them. We were connecting by Chat but it was so informal and can never replace the real.

Though I was happy spending my time with my husband, children and my new friends, I started thinking of good old days spent with my cousins in their house in Chennai. I was getting nostalgic thinking about the time we spent together eating Pizza's, watching movies and I decided to make my next trip long enough to spend some time with them. One of the main hurdles is the different school timings. I discussed with my husband and he agreed to take care of our school going child so that I can leave in Summer to India. He planned to join me about a month later with our child.

I discussed with my cousins and decided they will come to my house and stay for 3 days during my stay. I was nervous, waiting for those 3 days, not sure how my cousins would have changed during these 20 years. So when the day came I ordered Pizzas so that we can have enough time to spend together. Little did I realize that my cousin would propose a trip to a nature store. There had abundant groceries, vegetables and all were organic and grown without the use of pesticides and our old favorite Kissan. We helped ourselves to few bags of vegetables and groceries and landed back at home. We were discussing each of our stories and what we have been doing including our spouses and children over the last 20 years. In no time we cooked a delicious meal and had our lunch. We decided to go for a movie in the evening. We felt 20 years younger and waved an auto to stop with the same style as we used to do in younger days. We planned to visit our aging grandma, who took care of us in our younger days, the next day. Our grandma was very pleased to see the three of us together as we went down the memory lane. It was the feel of human touch that moved all of us. We spent the next visiting places in the city. We realized how much we missed each other and the inadequacy of being in touch by digital means. I promised to inform them in advance my trips to India so that we can plan real get together.

Note: This blog was written for Kissan.