Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Are we losing the human touch?

The internet era took our lives twenty five years back. E mails took over the postman. Waats App ing has changed over our lives. Less conversations over the telephone. We have all become like zombies glued to our smartphones. Less warmth, less family interaction. The world is becoming an easier place to live with wifi connectivity everywhere. A flick of the button on the smartphone is the answer to most things. But is this making us lonely. The young do not also interact with the adults and leading private secret lives. All of us should be more level headed and not so enamoured with internet era. Technology taking over our lives is to make our lives simpler but let there be more human interaction. 

Monday, 19 December 2016

The New woman of Today.

In olden times women were always considered the weaker sex. Males dominated over the female sex because they were more powerful. In India and other Asian countries marriages of convenience were common where women were used as pawns. Despite bringing lot of dowry women were still harrassed. Marriage plots were also common. Education has resulted in the empowerment of women. With the twenty first century saw the rise of a lot of carrer women. Women who broke the age old stereo type. A new saga has emerged with women whose emotional health is much stronger. Who believe they can be independent without the shackles of marriage. With financial independence the women is emerging more independent than ever before. In countries like China more and more women are enjoying their independence and staying single. 

Saturday, 17 December 2016

Stop confusing the mind.

Going to the psychiatrist is a new tradition which is also picking up in India. How many people really understand what is counselling. It is a totally new concept. How many people really lay down the facts on the table. Indians are still very reserved and do not lay down the facts and are getting medicated for a lot of wrong issues. The concept is still very new. Unless necessary one should not go to the psychiatrist. Medicine still is very confusing and psychiatry more so. People who are generally confused should not be allowed to go to the psychiatrist as they will be confusing the psychiatrist and confusing themselves with wrong medications and putting the family and the children in trouble. Psychiatrists are supposed to deal with human emotions and wrong counselling can put every one in distress. The whole aspect of Psychiatry is lost. I think psychiatrists should not deal with confused individuals. Better to send confused individuals away.

Thursday, 15 December 2016

The December Fest.

I love the cold December air. Time for the music Kutcheri's. The music Kutcheri's bring out the dance and music talent of the season. Our culture is almost 5000 years and music and dance have always kept us enthralled. New talent is also brought out in the music season. The pancharatna Kirtanai's at the thyagaraja festival at tiruvarur is sang with much gusto. The strains of the " Jagadanandakararaka " are still heard. The priya sisters, Nithya shree Mahadevan are still holding us enthralled. Dancers like Vijanthimala Bali and Shobana are also still keeping us entranced. There is no age limit for the arts and it keeps us mentally young for ever. The ethnic splendour of the arts is still kept alive and all Asians are getting together and keeping our culture alive even in the west with the cultural fest like the ones in Cleveland.

Friday, 9 December 2016

Leading Fuller lives.

Globilisation is making us lead busy lives. We are under stress and people are falling prey to a lot of mental health issues. Life is becoming a lot more competitive. Mental issues like depression, Obessive compulsive disorder, Alzeimer's and  Dementia are becoming common. In the olden days these issues  bounced off pretty well as people acted as sole therapy. Food and comfort helped us to bounce back. All of us are leading lonelier lives since the concept of nuclear families came over. Most family problems are solved by the visit to the Psychiatrist. Other than counselling new ways of treating mental issues are becoming common. Virtual  reality is becoming common in treating Dementia and Alzeimer's patients. FMri is also used to measure brain activity and evaluate how our brain reacts to excercise, gaming and other activities like drug addiction. With these new techniques solving mental issues will be easier and people will lead fuller lives.

Are we becoming more mechanised?

We seem to be technologically very advanced. We seem to be having gadgets for all our daily uses. We are leading a life of comfort. Vaccuum cleaners have replaced the broom even in Asian countries. Smartphones have taken over our lives than ever before. The internet era is making us more technology savy. Robotics is also taking over. Soon we will be having robots taking over the household chores. Hospitals are also using robotics in a big way. In surgeries also robots are helping in a bigway. As life gets more and more complicated we are going to be helped more and more by these robots. Life is going to be more mechanised but that's the way it is going to be.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Reading as a hobby.

Books. They always make an impression. In the seventies it was the Enidblytons, Nancy Drew series and the secret sevens. We loved the midnight parties and detective stories. Archie and Jug head were American stories with the Hamburgers and Beach parties. Whether Archie was going to get Veronica or Betty seemed to our question. Titin and Obliex were the American slapstick again. Reading helps to destress and gives imagination to our lives.  A good hobby to cultivate. Some hobby so that we relax. Lately for the past few years it is the Harry Potter mania that is rocking the readers with its witch craft and wizardy. It's exciting that it has been decided to include it in the school curriculum. A lot of young readers are excited about this. This will certainly be a change from Shakespeare. 

Global food outlets.

Nutritious food is very important in our lives. Some of us are fabulous cooks. Some of us have time to cook and some of us don't. The present generation is doing a sensible thing instead of relaying on cooks. They are all eating out. The fast food joints are really picking up at an amazing speed. Globilisation has left us with many fast food enterprises. Pizza Hut , Subway, KFC  are all the enterprises that have given us global cuisine. Italian cuisine like pasta is becoming famous. Lasagne and ravioli is becoming a great favorite. We love our beverages. Star Bucks has also opened an outlet in Asia. We love  the coffee brewed through them. The cafe coffee days are also wonderful outlets. The Capaccino's and Cafe Latte's are also wonderful. The brownies are also wonderful and wonderful hors des oeuvres. These global cuisine outlets have better sanitation and better ambiance making it a great meeting place for people. Food seems to be a great comforter and the food courts in every mall are attracting young and old alike. 

Monday, 5 December 2016

Chatter at the dinner table.

Every person is seeing a pshycatrist these days. There seems to be a lot of stress. Antidepressants are the order of the day in increasing the dopamine and serotonin levels. Family therapy is disappearing as we see more women having carrers. Nuclear families seem to be the order of the day and no one has time for each other. Do we have time to chat or sit together at the dinner table. No quality family time or fun board games. As families are growing apart psychological problems are on the rise. Children fall into depression in the school days. We are quite American in taking even bed wetting seriously. Our anthropology has totally changed with times. It's time to start family therapy at home with more interaction. How long to have antidepressants? Try to increase the serotonin levels with family chatter and comfort and mom's cooking. Grandmother's tales are soothing with family bravery as to how we got off a difficult relationship or a marvellous endeavour. Successful family stories are great serotonin boosters. It's shocking to know that every family seems to be visiting the Pshychtriatist. Get your brain examined by somebody?  Why not use your brain to destress? We never reveal the actual problem so the therapy is never perfect. Time to change once again how society is thinking and do it the old fashioned way. Creativity helps also. Encourage more extracurricular when children are young and at middle age adults need to handle their hobbies seriously so that we do not get Alzeimers and Dementia.

Sunday, 4 December 2016

A changing world.

Our horizons have really broadened. Our thinking has become more diverse. Globilisation is certainly having it's effects.Our outlook on education has widened. Medicine and engineering is losing it's charm. Medicine seems to be a dream for most students twenty years back and it's no longer rosy. The cost of the education itself is too high. Moreover it does not payback finally. The status quo attached with medicine and engineering is fast disappearing. For science graduates bio tech seems to be the favorite and pathway to easy earning. Advertising seems to be a favorite. Creative jobs like content writing is on the rise. Musicians are on the rise. The other day I met a friend who said her son was off to Bollywood and seemed quite happy about it. Twenty years ago such an attitude would have raised eyebrows. As for us Asians, education achieved through means of the four R's was the ultimate aim in life. Now being happy in the carrers of your choice seems to be the trend. Being happy and living in the present seems to be the goal. 

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Each one for himself.

Raising a child is never a easy task. The first school thing we think is the school. As much as the parents the school is where the first learning begins. Montessori schools is where there is a lot of independent thinking. Other than schools the children can also be raised independently at home. Independence will only help in encouraging thinking in the child. Asian parents spoon feed the child. Parents should involve the child in the day to day activities. They can help the parents in making day to day decisions. Decisions in finance can be made at the dinner table so that children can also know money matters. Logical thinking can thus be encouraged. More time with peers can make the child know how the world is. It's time to raise children more independently. Joint families are giving away. Old age is going to be a lonely affair. More time so to think in a novel way and to be brought up by similar values.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Parenting skills.

Parenting poses many challenges in the world of today. From the preschool years children have to be nurtured. In this competitive world they should find a place. Parents should bring up the children carefully when they are young as they are very sensitive. Montessori system of education helps the children to grow independently. Parents are very adventurous and the new parents are into more innovative  methods of bringing up kids like allowing them to play with Lego blocks and puzzles. Multitalent and multitasking is the focus to bring out the creativity of the child. The toys are also very much out of this world. Some of the toys focus on issues like gender and educate the child. Some truly educational toys seem to be creating a difference in the lives of the children. When the children grow up drug abuse is another concern. Drug abuse starts from the school level. Sexual curiosity starts from the school years and proper sex education should be imparted so that the children do not get into unwanted pregnancies. Parenting is not having babies but a lot more than that and we have to make sure that the children grow up safe and are able to manage independently in this world of today.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

At the Sport Arena.

Bull fights are traced  back to the Roman times. These fights took place in the Colosseum where all the major events took place. The sport is almost two thousand years old. The hunter instinct in man is still not tamed and the sport is still pursued with much adventure all over the world. The Las Vegas bull fights are the biggest living legends and no animal blood is shed. In India bull fighting or " Jallikattu" as it is called is a traditional sport of the harvest festival. It is a big hit in the rural areas and watched with much gusto. Animal activists are against the sport. The Supreme Court has banned the practice citing animal welfare issues. The ritual bull fight has been permenantly outlawed in India. People for the Ethical treatment of animals have welcomed the court order. 

Monday, 28 November 2016

I love cars.

The automotive industry is certainly thriving. Cars are becoming an important possession of the common man. Certain countries are well connected by good transport system like Europe. In the United States where distances are vast cars are a necessary and coveted possession. Used cars are very common. And autodealerships are as common as apple pie. When I was a new immigrant in the United States the autodealerships were our favourite haunt on many a sunny day. I loved the autodealerships with their shiny cars. We would trudge along the vast expanse and examine the  cars with interest. GM, Ford, Chrysler and Toyota are the most prided dealerships in the United States. These dealerships offer excellent employment opportunities to a lot of young men. The friendly work environment and perks make it an exciting place to work. Some of the most talked about dealerships are built like theme parks. Used cars an all American concept and a pride of these dealerships are becoming more common.

Riding the digital wave.

The internet era started thirty years ago and we have all become technology wizards. The computer has helped us to lead more organised lifestyles. There has been no looking back. Smartphones have also simplified our lifestyle as we become more and more App friendly everyday. Even the taxi service is glorified using the Ola and Uber apps. E ticketing has made our travel easier. Online shopping has kept us spell bound. Soon wired homes will become a reality. Intelligent homes where all appliances are techy savy and everything connects to the internet. With technology taking us by storm such homes will help us to lead an easier life. The internet is going to be the answer to our very basic needs and make us lead more sophisticated lives than ever before.

Sunday, 27 November 2016

" Thank you for the Music".

Any form of creativity lightens up the soul. Music specially gives flight to the imagination and lightens the heart. What ever academic pursuits there are we should indulge in some extracurricular. Music is an excellent way to bond with the soul. Music seems to be the answer to the stressful life of today. Music therapy seems to be the answer for many psychological problems. The demise of Balamurali Krishna was heartrending. A great stalwart of the times. He combined sophisticated vocal skills and patterns of classical music with entertainment value. Though he belonged to the Carnatic fraternity he was a revolutionary. He sang songs in French and there was jazz fusion too. A musician whose voice will be remembered  for many more years to come. A musical genius whose voice will be heard for ever. 

Saturday, 26 November 2016

A space Holiday.

As monotony sets in holidays are becoming important stress busters. As man becomes more and more adventurous, space has also become a sought after holiday destination.Space missions to Mars are already been planned excitedly. One never imagined that almost forty seven years after Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon, we would explore other planets and set camp. It's been all euphoria and excitement for NASA scientists after traces of water were found in the red planet. People are already booking themselves on the much talked about space holiday which costs 35 billion for a return twenty month flight. The holiday promises adventure treks to canyons, rock climbing and sun kissed beaches. It's seems dreamlike to imagine ourselves in the red planet lounging in Lilo chairs with sunscreens of SPF 5000. A lot of progress has been made and soon it will be just like travelling to a nearby country.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Demonetisation 2016

The country has been under a lot of excitement the last few weeks following the demonetisation wave. The country has seen similar currency devaluation in the ninteen forties and under the Morarji Desai government in 1978. Following the cash crunch there has been widespread panic and unrest. Queues in ATMs for basic survival. The poor are mostly affected specially, the people in the rural areas. The industries are running into trouble with low cash in flow. As in case of any emergency rapes, suicides are creating widespread panic. The demonetisation which has been to curb the flow of black money and corruption has been quite a success so far with banks receiving more than six lakh crore as deposits. Due to reduced cash flow in the country the country's GDP might fall over the current and next financial year. Since most part of real estate transactions takes place with unaccounted black money, following demonetisation real estate prices may drop significantly. People may invest more on gold as a wiser investment. Terrorists will also find it hard to crack operations with the new currency notes. The Demonetisation of 2016 has been in some ways easier than the previous years because of digital transactions. As Bill gates said demonetisation will be a big step to a more Digital India.

Monday, 21 November 2016

A peep into the future.

We are living well above our eighties. It is important to plan our future. It is important that we eat nutrient dense foods so that we can welcome aging more gracefully. With nuclear families being the trend old age seems more scary than ever before. More so the support system is fast disappearing. It is important to be agile and independent. To Maintain fitness and health is of great importance. It is important to be mentally healthy. Keep our gray cells active so that we do not fall prey to Alzeimers and Dementia. Group activities will increase one on one interaction. With youngsters moving away to foreign countries people are thinking seriously of Old Age homes. Old age homes are a home from  home where there is healthy interaction. It's an easier carefree life where the old need only interact without doing mundane daily chores. So it is wise in the middle age years to make an investment in the Old Age homes of your choice. Many attractive properties are emerging which seem to be the cosiest shelter thar the aged can move into. So the backbone of the joint family system and it's comforts is giving away to vast expanses of homes which seem a lovely retirement haven. 

Friday, 18 November 2016

An Inconvenient Truth.

Global warming.We are all anxious about this fact as the effect became more evident than ever before. More forest cover and greenery all around is how our environmentalists are combating the problem. The problem is certainly looming larger than ever before. Former Vice President Al Gore is focussing the world's attention on Climate Change and trying to find solutions.  An Inconvenient Truth is former United States Al Gore's campaign to educate citizens about global warming. It raises international public awareness of global warming and reenergizing the environment.  Al Gore spends the majority of his time as chair of The Climate Reality Project, a nonprofit organization devoted to solving the climate crisis. He is the subject of the Oscar winning documentary An Inconvenient Truth and is the co recipient with Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, of the Nobel Peace Prize for 2007 for " informing the world of the dangers posed by climate change."  We do not smell any fresh air anymore. Pollution is destroying our normal life balance. We see the worst effects at Beijing. Even schools and offices are closed down when the city issues the red alert. Amongst the Asian countries Delhi is worst affected. Seeing all this we wonder if the world is coming to an end again. 

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

I love the Chinese.

Talking about nations I am intrigued by the Japanese and Chinese. Japan for its technology and cars. The Chinese seem to be really successful. China seems to be a nice country with a lot of skyscrapers. More so it is a leading manufacturer and exporter in the world.
The Chinese dragon is also awe spiring being a symbol of power. Chinese are the most intelligent, mathematical and persevering minority world wide. Chinese share cultural tendencies with Indians in bringing up successful children by being strict with them. Amy Chua in her book "The Battle Hymn of the Tiger mother" has shared the art of raising successful kids. Chinese students are the most intelligent. I love their culture. The way they wear their low waisted jeans. I love the Chinese fried rice and the way they welcome New year with the dance of the dragon.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Thanksgiving without the Obamas.

The presidents of the United States have always been interesting and encaptured a million hearts with their charm. The first families have been of public interest for many. Right from the Jackie o days the presidents and their families have held the attention of the world. Some for their glamour, some for their good work. Than there was the Ronald regan days which kept us wonderstruck. We will certainly be missing the Obamas. They have been a charming first family with strong family values. Michelle a lawyer from New York has been a lot in the public eye with her work on adolescents. Michelle has certainly has been a great role  model. We are also going to miss their two daughters Malia and Sasha. During his eight year tenure the Obamas have instilled strong family values. We will certainly be missing them.

Sunday, 13 November 2016

The Hall of Fame.

People who lead are very extrovertish and have a lot of charisma. Most of them come from a political background. They also have television and film background. Fame and money come together with glitz and glamour. In the background is tinsel town. Whether it is in India or abroad most of our politicians are actors. In India most of our actors are also brand ambassadors for a lot of things. Cricket players also share a lot of publicity and get hooked on with film stars and are in the limelight. They also make good leaders more so because they have sport at their backing. In America we saw a very savy actor Ronald Reagan  being president. Another television  actor who will soon be president is Trump. The future First Lady of the United States Melania Trump is a Slovene American former model. In India we have our favourite actors like Hema Malini taking over as Raja Sabha member. Similarly Jaya Pradha followed suit. Maneka Gandhi was a Bombay Dyeing model who is a social activist and politician. So glitz glamour leaves a mark and a leader is born.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Well done America!

The United States has voted an able leader in Donald Trump, a man of many admirable qualities. A dashing man in his seventies who has a clean slate and is against drugs. He also seems like a religious man. Some spirituality always sharpens ethics and makes a better human. He seems to be a crusader of illegal immigration and against rapists and we will see a better America with less horrendous crimes. The world is seeing a lot of drug addiction and we need a wise leader to take us through and see a better world. He is cited as one of the richest men in Forbes. His presidential campaign is almost self funded and thus we see a honest man in not whiling away public money. His campaign has been very economical. Our young folk will once again learn the value of a dollar saved. This is important as we see the world resources diminishing. We are waiting with bated breath for this able leader to take the oath in jan 2017 and take the world by storm.

Monday, 7 November 2016

Election fever.

On the eve of the elections in America I can feel a lot of excitement. The United States tops as the best and most immigrant friendly nations. Since the ninteen sixties it has grown and is a prosperous nation today. The topography and the terrain is great. The states that form the United States, each have a wonderful skyline. The architectural splendour is marvellous. There has been tremendous progress since vast numbers of immigrants trotted in. The universities are great and some of the best scholars are from these universities. There is not much gender bias and women have equal power. So around the world we are all awaiting with bated breath as to which party is going to win. It seems to be a close race. The country has seen some fine presidents and First Ladies. People will have to cast their votes with presence of mind so that they will once again have a wise leader.

Friday, 4 November 2016

The Colours in your Plate.

So much has changed around us in the last twenty five years. So much in the environment. There is a hole in the ozone layer. And humans are aging faster than their forefather's. So it is important to eat healthy. Eating good healthy nutrient dense foods is important than ever before. All of us need to educate ourselves on food Science. I eat generous amounts of Super foods like Spinach and all kinds of food rich in antioxidants that fight aging and free radicalar damage. Spinach is certainly a wonder food. Popeye seems to the brand ambassador for Spinach with his bountiful energy on consuming the sumptuous leafy foliage. Children eat more veggies when seeing such inspiring cartoons. Beans are also good sources of nutrients. The red kidney bean is also a super food and is nutrient dense and helps to fight photo aging. Colours in your plate are also healthy. Eat generous portions of  purple cabbage , red bell pepper. The educated are being very adventurous and trying out new grains like Quinoia  which is very healthy. People are gorging on millets too. Food science is emerging more important than ever before as food seems like a natural healer.

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Have we progressed at all ?

Deepavali is certainly a wonderful festival celebrated with much pomp and joy. Lakshmi Pooja is also done where we pay reverence to the god of wealth. Women in India according to the old scriptures are believed to be the incarment of goddes Lakshmi. But despite all this and the modern attributes of gender equality do we really treat our Women with reverence. This is a big question?Women today are still used as pawns and cheated by men. Despite feminism and women trying to come up in society there are so much bottlenecks she has to face. More so religion and politics also do not give much rights to women. We have only so far provided e toilets and free sanitary knapkins for the uplift ment of women. But otherwise it is still a big struggle for women to come up in society as they have to battle against male dominance and egos at every step. In  Asian countries women still are in the lower strata compared to western countries. Being a women is still trying in these modern times. 

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Footprints in the sands of time

The Indian woman! As I see the savy women folk in India I see how much the Indian women have evolved. Exposure has taken her out of the hearth and we see her in multifaceted roles. Women seem to be excelling in all fields over their male counterparts. Feminism is taking a strong hold. The Indian women no longer wants to be femme fatale but wants to be independent and wants to be a mix of beauty and brains. I really love the Indian women folk of today. So savy, independent and poised. Marriage has taken the threshold and they want to prove their mettle. They seem to make such good entrepreneurs. There seems to to be a fair amount of brain drain with the lot of  women going abroad nd proving heir mark. Young women are no longer tied to mama's aprong strings and make their own intelligent decisions. With this the family ties seem weak and the parents will have to keep th
emselves busy with younger generation being independent. They will have to think  of new ways to keep themselves  occupied. In last twenty years we have seen so much transition and with more nuclear families we all have to think with a fresh conscience with so much changes happening in society. 

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Second Thoughts.

Times  have certainly changed. Moving on in the twenty first century I see some radical changes in the society we live in. A lot of gender equality. Education is certainly erasing the demarcation between the sexes. Of course with gender equality there is also a sort of tug of war amongst the sexes.
Well who is going to emerge stronger? I kinda believe in the survival of the fittest. People with greater clarity of thought are definitely going to emerge stronger. This can only be brought about with education, and exposure through emotional intelligence. So the education system in the country has to be strengthened at the basic level with a lot of practical experience. The rote system of education has to be abandoned and the quota system which distributes too much favours to backward classes has to take a back seat. The quota system is bringing a lot of phony professionals which are hindering the progress of the country. Professional colleges should aim at taking the brightest with quota taking a back seat. Than only can we see more progress and be in par with the other nations. I think we have as a nation strived enough in the uplift ment of the masses and now it's time to wake up.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Love and Marriage.

We all live in a strange world. We interact with a lot of people of different cultures.  Marriage is more so a gamble as we have to live in close proximity with a person who from a complete different culture. Only few people may be lucky to tie the knot with a person of similar taste and intellect . The partners are mostly incompatible. Arranged marriages are made in haste. Till the present these arranged  marriages are result of confused parents. The present generation is reacting with more fire through divorces and trips to the pshychiatrist. But this involves lots of heartbrake and sometimes a whole lifetime is wasted. To make marriages work and keep a cool demeanor it is important to have a sense of humor and remain unruffled through thick and thin. It is also important to be positive and keep light hearted. Also learn to tell white lies as it may ultimately save the day instead of going loggerheads though it may seem old fashioned. The women also have to be more educated so that they are not victims. All this can end in more happier endings with children who are happier and are more resourceful as they are product of happier parents.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

" Let there be more light".

June brings in flurry of admissions to schools. Frantic printouts are taken of much coveted marksheets. Admissions to colleges is also very competitive though the streams available are many. The English language has been the hallmark of our education since the British times. But when I see the layman I find many of them do not understand the language at all. More so it is different for the backward classes who are more comfortable with their own vernacular. Exams are passed by struggling aspirants with little knowledge of the language and they become bankers, doctors and engineers. The system in India is struggling with graduates who have studied by the system of rote with little grasp of the language. So it is better if the basic language of communication is strong so the people are more educated.  Also apparently the only means of knowledge in our country seems to the textbooks for the professional courses. It is important to built better knowledge through extensive reading on a variety of subjects and this is possible if they are comfortable with the language. I feel the whole education system has to be perked up. The backward classes are more in confusion as their understanding capacity is worse. So the education system at the high school level has to be more reinforced. This may be the key to producing better spokesmen for the country.

Sunday, 28 August 2016

What's in your plate!

We have always been a eating family. Gourmands. I remember my mother baking almond cake when I was seven years old and my brother and I helping her to bake it. Coming home from school we always were greeted with new dishes which were a feast for the senses. We explored food from a variety of cultures. I remember the quaint pizzas of the nineties which were just a glorified crust. Food has a wonderful healing effect if taken at the right portions and if it is digested well. While we were at the United States  we  enjoyed ourselves even more as the variety was tremendous and the thoroughfare continental with waffles, pancakes, muffins. More so food there is pocket friendly. We would be able to eat sumptuously for only100  dollars a month. Macdonalds sold fries for a mere 99 cents and the whopping burritos were just much the same. The Americas is some way the rice bowl of the world as food seems so pocket friendly. Here at home it still seems expensive and with rising prices the poor are not able to eat well and falling to a host of diseases. The working class have to educate themselves on what is best, nutritious and cheap. Amma's canteen is something that seems to be reasonable and within the reach of the poor. The government should make provisions so that we are able to eat a balanced fare at reasonable cost so that health care costs  are kept to a minimum. 

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Middle age blues.

There were times when festivals brought the families together. Cousins met. Children interacted amongst each other and played wonderful games. This was the magic behind joint families when there was food and merriment which took the drudgery of everyday life. Problems were easily solved.  The grandmother was Dr Spock with her never ending cures. With times changing and families getting smaller everyday life seems to be yawning more than ever before. Stress and depression has become more than before. More so with the younger generation exploring greener pastures the couple are left with nothing to do. So it is important for parents to keep themselves active by engaging or pursuing some old hobby. The couple can keep their romance alive. It is important to have some kind of stimulation of the intellect as we grow older to keep Alzheimers and dementia at bay. Every one seems suddenly to lead such fuller lives with no time for anyone. Artificial intelligence is making the world a smaller place and soon one on one human interaction is going to come down. We are going to share all the laughter and fun with our children on Facebook and whatsapp. So all of us have to keep ourselves engaged and be mentally healthy. Once the birds leave the nest we have to go back to our second childhood and start playing games once again. Do what you like best and cultivate your interests. 

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

West ward ho!

As I look at my two children I feel they have grown up all ready to fly the nest. I feel proud of them having given the best as a parent. They are children who have grown up in a mixed culture having made the best of the United states and home territory. United states gave them the time and the space to be multifaceted  with its wonderful open options right from its fun skool toys, sesame street  to the theme parks. A whole world of imagination and creativity. America also teaches a lot of independence at a very early age. I watched my daughter eat her Mac and cheese sitting all proud and tall in her high chair. The transition to home earth has made them imbibe with Indian culture and develop family values. As Indian parents we had more time with the children with the wonderful support system. I feel the children who grow up in such mixed cultures are the luckiest. Now getting to a good American university " The Statue of Liberty"  stands proud and tall welcoming them back. Standing on the green turf of the American soil they will be moulded into independent citizens and go on a wonderful  journey of self discovery. 

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Colgate - Cut, Play and Learn with your child

It was a usual Sunday morning, I was strolling through the shopping center, and I was peeping through the glass at a convenience store when suddenly a bunch of Colgate strong teeth toothpaste boxes struck my eyes. I had known and used this tooth paste since I was young but what struck my eye was the writing on the box. “Free! Magical Sea World Inside” as well as the words “Cut, paste and learn”.

Maybe I don’t need toothpaste for now, maybe another month, but the curiosity of what is inside killed me. My daughter, 10 years old, had grown up reading and talking about Cindrella, Snow White and the mermaids.  She loves sea world, dolphins and the Killer whales, in particular. She is a bit afraid of Sea Pirates but has grown out of that fear recently. Wouldn’t it be nice to share the magical sea world with her? My imagination was going wild even before I could see what was inside. I decided to step into the shop and bought a set of tooth pastes and headed home and impatiently waited for my daughter to return from school.

My daughter returned from school, saw the tooth paste packs and screamed with joy! What a surprise for her. As soon as she freshened up, we started cutting the boxes to take out the Magical sea world. She was surprised and read out aloud all the facts that were in the packs and threw lots of questions at me. How does Puffer Fish defend itself? How many hearts that Octopus have? My quick answer of 1 was called incorrect as she read out the correct answer. We never knew how sea horse carried its egg until we cut opened the Coral Reef. When we were cutting Sea Magic we learned a lot about Sharks and Crabs. There was a lot to play and learn from the magical sea world.

While enjoying the knowledge-bytes thanks to Colgate, we also started cutting the base and the figures and started putting them together. My daughter, obviously overjoyed, became a non-stop chatterbox and started telling me about all the adventure stories she has read. I was little surprised how someone would have thought about using the box which is normally thrown out when you take the tooth paste out, to be made so interesting. Soon all the sea world creatures took up space on my dining table.

She told me about the Robinson Crusoe stories and wanted to know when we can roam about the sea like him. She told me about the shipwreck and how it helped Crusoe learn craftsmanship and built a canoe by himself. Isn’t necessity the mother of invention? She also told me about Friday and how he was saved by Crusoe.
Well I guess everyone should go-ahead and buy these packs as it helps unleash memoirs and encourage children to learn, play and tell stories. Look for the pack that says “Free! Magical Sea world Inside” and you can cut, play and learn with your child.

This blog was written for Colgate.

Saturday, 6 August 2016

The Torch bearers.

Sports help in the all round development of the individual. It helps in leadership qualities and team work.  Indians have been sport lovers all through. Cricket, and football have great fan following in India. The adrenaline rush for sports has been awespiring over the years. Indians have also represented the country in the Olympics and won gold and silver. P.T Usha and Mary kom are household names. The Olympics are an International event which have always been interesting. Like in any other sport the sportsman has to undergo rigorous training. It is a physical and mental challenge for the sportsmen. They have to survive various controversaries and still win the battle. Some athletes get addicted to drugs like steroids so that they can perform well. Afterall winning is the ultimate aim in sport and this they try to achieve by all means. Women have been the highlight in many Olympics showing that strength and valour is not a male domain. Marykom's participation in the last olympics was a much applauded family event. South America home for the lovers of coffee is going to be in the limelight as the venue for the olympics. Hope the Indians with their integrity reach the stars in the Olympics at Rio.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Colours in your Kitchen.

We are leading such fast lives. Not a moment to spare. Grabbing a bite in the morning. The women being multitaskers and carrer women are leaving the kitchen and the hearth. Of course pursuit of intellect is truly wonderful and has resulted in the uplift ment of women. But  these busy carrer women are giving low priority to the pantry and nutrition. Life has certainly become a grind but food still has to be given importance. Specially since we are going to live well above the eighties. Aging gracefully is another attraction if we eat right. So it is important to add antioxidant rich food in the table. Foods with variety and colours. Green peppers in different colours. Purple cabbage and low fat avocados  in salads. Sensible easy to eat breakfast like granola bars and fortified cereals. Millets also make meals wholesome.  So for the savy carrer women it is important to keep a well balanced pantry so that she can whisk meals in a jiffy.  Leave the mortar and pestle and go in for wholesome ready to eats. Nutrition labeling can come to the rescue for the tired carrer women to make wise choices to russel up a quick meal.  Nutritious meals and clean  kitchen will keep the family healthy. Like in the western countries it would be helpful if our food was fortified to a extent.. In the United States  I really felt good drinking my milk as it was fortified with vitamin D. If  food items were similarly fortified it will keep us healthy and it would be nutrition at the doorstep for the busy carrer women.

Friday, 29 July 2016

Footsteps in the Sands of time.

India  seems to be one of the most advanced nations in Asia. globilasation and education has left its mark. The governments efforts are really tremendous in achieving as much progress as possible. I love living at Chennai which has seen much progress and developed from the ramparts of fort St. George. Chennai has always been a seat of culture and known for its sabhas. The last few years the city has developed even more and there is a fusion of cultures. Garbage segregration, and planting of trees has made the city a cleaner and greener place to live in. The city is being connected with a good network of metro rails which are going to be the pride of Chennai. The malls spread across the city are place of leisure for the young and old. The infra structure of the city seems excellent. Connected with the best hospitals we seem to be the hub of medical tourism. The beaches , the peanut seller are paving way to something new.  Chennaites seem very fresh faced and wanting more adventures than their  morning filter coffee. Tradition is being broken.  The city dwellers seem digitally savy. Women seem to be raising voices and  assuming strong leadership roles. A far echoe from the city of the past. 

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Flying High.

Since the Wright  brothers took off on their maiden voyage air travel has seen much progress. Twenty years back most of us travelled by train as air travel was expensive . The last few years we has seen a lot of progress in the field of air travel. Air travel has always come with a hint of glitz and glamour. It has always held the tag of  sophistication. The beautiful air hostesses and the other well turned aircrew always held our attention with their charm. The demeanor of the crew is to be appreciated right from their immaculate manners to the wonderful meals on wheels that are served.  I was always loved travelling by air whether it was in the United States or India. I loved watching the  instructions given by the aircrew. I loved hearing the seat belts click and looked at the emergency exit with interest. The copilots address is always an eye opener. Our gaurdians of the sky are really wonderful and have to be appreciated for carrying us safely between the clouds and across the countries. The airports runways are also places of interest as the plane gains momentum before it flies into the skies. Air travel has been the norm of the day for the past twenty years despite mishaps like the Concorde and kanishka  tragedies. Trouble in the air is always detected through the black boxes. In the recent years air travel has become a lot cheaper and we get  excellent packages. Cox and kings provides us excellent packages to the United States and Europe. With women empowerment all women crew aircrafts are becoming common. Looks like a lot of progress has been made since the wright brothers made their maiden flight at kitty Hawk North Carolina. 

Best Healthcare at your doorsteps - Mediguardians

India is a poor country and  a large population still lives below the poverty line. The health care sector has experienced a phenomenal growth of twelve percent per year in the last four years. Rising income level and growing elderly population is  driving this growth. In addition disease profiles, and a shift from chronic to lifestyle diseases has lead to increased spending in the healthcare delivery. In the health care industry in order to reach world standards India would require investments of up to $20 billion over the next few years. There is a strong demand for tertiary care hospitals which emphasize on the treatment of lifestyle diseases focusing on specialties such as neurology, cardiology, oncology, and orthopedics. India also faces a shortage of doctors, nurses and paramedics. India produces around 250000 doctors annually though  becoming a professional is hard and expensive. Health care is becoming very expensive and so India is becoming a hot spot of medical tourism because of cutting edge  technology, excellent doctors and cost effectiveness is 60 to 80 percent economical compared to western countries. Mediguardians is an online initiative which connects patients globally with world class health facilities (hospitals) providing cost effective health care services. It is an integrative portal with easy to connect options and appeals to an international audience from MENA,  ISC and CIS. Through Mediguardians one can get in touch with best medical treatments in the country through best doctors who provide low cost treatment. It is associated with world famous hospitals that are recognized by the joint commission international of USA. Mediguardians is a well trusted name in the health care industry like Apollo group of hospitals, Max hospitals, Fortis group of hospitals, Institute of brain and spine and Medanta hospital in Delhi. 

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Ethnico - App Review

Technology seems to the answer to everything. Our smart phones seem to be at our beck and call and we seem to be in the era of apps. Digitization has left us with the smartphones in our palm and the apps as our heart beats. Word of mouth is becoming a echo even in the rural areas. India  being a cultural country, the festive spirit is all around the year. The ethnic spirit keeps our heritage alive and the ethnico app does just that. Ethnico  app is an android app which opens the door to many ethnic designs including mehendi, Rangoli and designer saris. We can discover the world of fashion with this cool android app. This app will be a useful download for the young who love experimenting with the nouveau. This app leaves us breathless with the wide array of designs and patterns it offers. The app helps us to discover the rich cultural heritage and makes us fall back on tradition which is beautiful and enriches the soul. The app is available in the google play store. For people leading busy lives the app is very useful specially the genx who will discover a world of color by using the app. I really developed a lot of inspiration from using this app which had a smogasboard of wonderful ethnic options right from Arabic mehendi designs, to sabyasachi saris. The app seemed to be the answer to my wedding woes. The app gave me a hint of nostalgia as it took me to tradition again which we all seem to have forgotten in these busy busy times. Using the app I went for a heritage walk that was food for my soul.  My niece had a much talked about theme wedding and she found the app very useful for all her bridal needs. All needs met at the touch of a button. Certainly technology has grown wings! The app is user friendly and a lovely bright orange in color which users will love. The areas that one can browse are mehendi, beauty and grooming, and wedding photography.  It is a free lifestyle app. It is available in the google play store. The publish date of the app is 15th July, 2016. The latest version is 3.991. The requirements are android 4.0. 3 plus.

Monday, 18 July 2016

J t'me La Puducherry

Holidays are great times to beat the blues. For most of us from Chennai one of the nearest holiday destinations to go by road is Puducherry. I really love this famous quaint town with its charming French heritage. The architecture seems so French. I loved the place for its bistros and Pattiseries.. We found the eye camp so useful and imagined life without our glasses. The eye camp attracts tourists far and wide and certainly seems productive. " Better eyesight without glasses" C'est parfait!  Though  the place was charming I was stuck by the open drains. Kiran Bedi as the new Lt Governor seems to have added a magic touch to the union territory. She like our prime minister has set her target on putting an end to open defeacating and looks like we are going get a pleasant surprise on our next trip there. Certainly a place for the lovers of art and music and we would love it more  if it was cleaner and greener. Accolades to the governor ! 

Friday, 15 July 2016

knowledge is Power.

Education has really opened our eyes to the world. We are a more healthier generation than our forefathers. With  Globilisation we take  in a lot from different cultures as most of  the younger generation lives abroad. So we truly are in a smorgasboard of cultures to live in harmony. We are all connoisseurs of a variety of cuisine and have adapted to haute couture like never before. Looks like all of us are going to live beyond the eighties. Health care seems to quite expensive for all of us and so we should be conscious of health issues and keep ourselves updated. In the United  States health insurance follows its own norms and we cannot choose the practioner. We have to go through the doctor allocated in the panel. So we cannot go doctor hopping like India. Since we  are all going to be avid globetrotters it is important to be more conscious so that we know the right procedures are being followed. Whether it is  home or hearth it is important to question the doctor. So even if there is less interest in Science  it is important for us to read more and keep ourselves medically updated. More so as we have specialists in every field and we do not go to one family practioner. After all " Health is Wealth". 

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

It's time to say " Amen".

 We have always had a close connection with the British. The British rule had its impact in India. Our education system is based on the English language. Our leaders pursued their higher studies in Cambridge and Oxford. A very beautifully country with the strains of the bagpipe still humming. The big Ben still rings a bell. A country that has risen from squalour  to great heights over the last few years. The Brexit or the exit of Britain from the European Union is certainly rocking the world. The pound has depriciated badly. It may be a good time for travelling and seeing the English countryside. But academia is on the decline as most of the major Universities like Oxford  Cambrige will be affected because of  financial liability. Collaborations with the EU will be affected. Industries and Institutions with EU funding will be affected. Immigrants will have to move to greener pastures like America. The  next few months is  going to interesting as Theresa May takes office today to clear the ivy and soothe the turbulance. She is going to have a challenging task as she has make negotiations outside the EU.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

The Gender reversal.

The twenty first century more women are being seen and heard. Hillary Clinton  is one very capable women competing equally with Trump. So much so in the world political arena. Much excitement was created with the sanctioning of three female pilots at the IAF. At home and at our very hearth women are emerging stronger and we see a lot of super women in board rooms taking the organizations well above the mark. All over their is a healthy tussle over the sexes over who is going to emerge stronger. Also homosexuality is taking over and almost becoming legal in certain parts of the world. Male or female or the same gender, the never ending tug of war. Canada seems to have taken the gender issue very well. Canada has always been a level headed and immigrant friendly nation. More so it is now under the very able leadership of  Justin Trudeau who  is considering introducing gender neutral identification cards. Women power is seen everywhere right from all women aircrafts.  The gender divide is growing wider and looks like women are soon going to be wearing the tuxedos. 

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

A penny for your smiles.

The first milestones in a child's life is very exciting. The first year right from crawling to the first tooth appearing is very exciting. Teeth are very important. We are very charmed by the smile of the person and if their teeth are perfect it is even more winsome. The last decade the Synara smile is becoming very important and everyone is  giving important to their smiles.  The bugs bunny rabbit look is being set right and parents spent a fortune to get that charming smile. The dentist office is  very savy and the perfect smile is captured under a lot of technology and glamour  looking at the computer screen. My daughter got her million dollar smile once her braces were removed after almost three long years. Other specialists at the dental office are the orthodontist and periondotists. They keep the gums clean.  Like the olden years people are not waiting for their teeth to fall and natural aging to take its own course. The educated lot are getting their teeth cleaned regularly as it is important to have healthy teeth and gums. Gum problems can lead to a host of problems right from blood pressure, heart disease to diabetes. Tooth implants are also gaining popularity as only if all your teeth are in place the face contour is perfect. So tooth cosmetictry is taking off in a big way and that Synara smile is worth a billion thoughts. 

A penny for your smiles.

The first milestones in a child's life is very exciting. The first year right from crawling to the first tooth appearing is very exciting. Teeth are very important. We are very charmed by the smile of the person and if their teeth are perfect it is even more winsome. The last decade the Synara smile is becoming very important and everyone is  giving important to their smiles.  The bugs bunny rabbit look is being set right and parents spent a fortune to get that charming smile. The dentist office is  very savy and the perfect smile is captured under a lot of technology and glamour  looking at the computer screen. My daughter got her million dollar smile once her braces were removed after almost three long years. Other specialists at the dental office are the orthodontist and periondotists. They keep the gums clean.  Like the olden years people are not waiting for their teeth to fall and natural aging to take its own course. The educated lot are getting their teeth cleaned regularly as it is important to have healthy teeth and gums. Gum problems can lead to a host of problems right from blood pressure, heart disease to diabetes. Tooth implants are also gaining popularity as only if all your teeth are in place the face contour is perfect. So tooth cosmetictry is taking off in a big way and that Synara smile is worth a billion thoughts. 

A penny for your smiles.

The first milestones in a child's life is very exciting. The first year right from crawling to the first tooth appearing is very exciting. Teeth are very important. We are very charmed by the smile of the person and if their teeth are perfect it is even more winsome. The last decade the Synara smile is becoming very important and everyone is  giving important to their smiles.  The bugs bunny rabbit look is being set right and parents spent a fortune to get that charming smile. The dentist office is  very savy and the perfect smile is captured under a lot of technology and glamour  looking at the computer screen. My daughter got her million dollar smile once her braces were removed after almost three long years. Other specialists at the dental office are the orthodontist and periondotists. They keep the gums clean.  Like the olden years people are not waiting for their teeth to fall and natural aging to take its own course. The educated lot are getting their teeth cleaned regularly as it is important to have healthy teeth and gums. Gum problems can lead to a host of problems right from blood pressure, heart disease to diabetes. Tooth implants are also gaining popularity as only if all your teeth are in place the face contour is perfect. So tooth cosmetictry is taking off in a big way and that Synara smile is worth a billion thoughts. 

Sunday, 3 July 2016

The Ball is in our Court.

A cupboard full of brass trophies are a family heirloom. Sports have always interested us Indians. We are avid cricket fans. Basket ball and football are played with much more fervor and are more exciting to watch. I particularly liked the way football is played  with fervor in Bengal in the marsh. The Mogan bagans have always been a spirited team. Lionel Messi has also been in the news recently as he wants to retire early from football much to the dismay of his fans. Pele has always been a football legend and has risen fron the slums of Sao Paulo and played a great game of ball. We are soon going to enjoy the film of legendary footballer and the music of his film is going to be composed by Ar Rahman, Enjoy some action as the ball swirls in the mud increasing our pulse and heartbeat. 

Is Religion losing ground?

I remember a couple of years back the much talked about affair was Lord Ganesha drinking  milk and  people all over Chennai were astounded at this marvellous feat. Our country has a culture that dates back over five  thousand years and religion has also held strong in the minds of the people. The temple culture still is seen with the scent of jasmines and slokas. But on second thoughts do I see religion and spirituality dimming a little. Traditions and religious practices at weddings are fading.  People want to lead comfortable lives and do not want to spend too much on religion. Weddings are simpler, more fun affairs with a theme and even one priest to sanctify it.  Certainly a sign of progress  and soon we may all be unified and religion may totally disappear in twenty years. Sprituality replaced by positivity may take over as people get more and more educated and Science and math take firm strides. Positivity with mind and body wellness is going to the spirit of tomorrow. 

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Living for Today.

Neither Buddha or his followers had time for notion of an afterlife.  Normally we are compulsively picking over the past in order to learn lessons from it and we delve into a hypothetical future so that these lessons can be applied. The present is never there. Zen Buddhism is living fully in the present. I think most of us are grasping this culture well  and living a full life with what is important to us.  The  Gen X is doing it more handsomely by holding on to a few personal possessions and being happy with that. The present generation choice of carrers is also aimed at freedom and the present generation are choosing  whatever makes them happy without thinking about the future. Following the happiness project and the  Zen philosophy we are having more musicians, artists than ever before from well educated backgrounds.  Students are taking to the arts very well. Education is giving us more clarity to do what we want out of life.  So we are focussing hard at our goals while being Zen Buddhists. Traditions are being trimmed. We are trying to focus on our essential supplies. We are holding on to technology as that is something that is helping us to move forward in a civilized way.   This broadened vision of us as Zen Buddhists is sharpening our horizon and we are marching ahead with advanced nations and making great strides.

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Money values.

As my daughter leaves for the United States we realize we are going to be in both the continents in and about. Its been fifteen years since we left the United States. Speculations and how it is going to be living there once again. So I have been fervently catching up with friends and watching the news. A new president is certainly going to change things for the better or worse in the United States. The race between Trump and Hillary seems very interesting. Catching up with friends on what my daughter has to face when she touches home ground again. I realized things have not changed much. Out there, I would say people lead  lives of integrity, valuing money and resources. Here we seem to be utterly spoilt and our genX even more so. Americans are using their money wisely. There is no job security and so they have to put some nest egg away for the future. Culture wise we seem to be spoilt  and maybe we should think better and bring our children  to conserve the world resources so that we are unified globally in achieving the same goal. With global  recession still looming large it is important to teach our children money values.

Friday, 24 June 2016

Rocker Banker.

Rocker banker! That surely defines Raghuram Rajan. India is certainly going to miss his good looks and financial decisions. A man with strong leadership skills who has been a good economist. During his tenure he has been conferred the title "Governor of RBI". He has controlled inflation but speculation has been on high interest rates. The rupee has been volatile during his tenure. India will once again face the winds of change as Raghuram wants to go back to the Booth School of Business. It will certainly be hard to replace his intellect and sound decisions. The Booth school is lucky to have him back. The five thousand rupee note with Raghuram on it is a good souvenir. A man who has been truly indispensable these last few years. It's time to say " Adieu" and wish him good luck.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Looking ahead.

The media and globalisation has left the world at our doorstep.  We are trying to savor more nutritious meals than before. Nutrition bars, quinoa  puffs and ragi twists. Some of us have supplemented white rice with brown rice since it has more bran. We are almost savoring spinach like Popeye. We are getting more of the good old sun and we all conscious of its good effects. We have adapted to fitness in different forms right from yoga, to Taichi. I love the  vigour that I feel when I take my ten rounds at the park everyday.  We all seem to have our bread buttered on the right side. More so with the age limit crossing the eighties it is important to keep our grey cells alive. This we can do so with playing crosswords and  sodokuTo keep Alzeimers and Dementia at bay we have to keep our brain active. We cannot depend much on the support system or the genX so it is even more important to keep ourselves mentally active. This is important as there various catches in the insurance packages. Old age homes and crèches have mushroomed everywhere but independence always helps.  So it's time to put our right food forward.

Monday, 20 June 2016

Nature's Child.

My children spent their childhood years  playing with  Mattel toys. They played with Lego blocks, Barbie dolls and clay as we spent a few years in the United states when they were young. This has indeed fostered creativity in my children. But on second thoughts I feel children brought up to play under the sun fared a lot better. Children who are not utterly spoilt and left to play with their mates  and  simple board games seemed more competent, Teenagers who helped with the household chores and involved themselves with the family affairs and decisions certainly seemed to ace over the others.      Therefore for all round development of the child I think we should have a little bit of both. More so children of nature are more gifted and use their cognitive skills better. Teenagers  should take part in financial decisions in the family and taught the value of money. We Indian parents spoil the child. By eighteen a teenager in the United States takes care of his college expenses and also works partime. There is dignity of labour. Eyebrows are not raised if a student works in Macdonalds or in the gas station. I think it is high time we stop spoon feeding our kids and  allow them to be more independent.

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Wedding vows with a difference !

The wedding organ sounded and the bride looked beautiful in her white wedding gown. The bride walked down the aisle looking calm and composed  resting on the shoulder of her father. A beautiful ceremony that brought tears to my eyes. Than it was time to say " I do". In love, in sickness and happiness I will be by your side. That's the oath that most married couples take at the altar. For Hindus the couple are sanctified in front of the fire. In India we really take our wedding vows seriously. So far it has been a patriarchal society and the women have been peace keepers, sometimes even pawns of successful marriages. Adjustment was the key. But the twenty first century has changed all that. With gender equality marriages have already and will take on a new meaning. With education the women do not want to be doormats and they want their partners to recognize them. The couples are being very savy and are giving each other space. They even have two bank accounts, interact with different set of friends and even go on different holidays. During important decisions they join hands. This seems the trend of the day. This  may be in due course be the magic to more successful marriages. Yes it is time to say "I do" with a difference.

Monday, 13 June 2016

Artificial Intelligence

Twenty years back, I remember the television blaring in our living rooms. Soon computers came to our lives and there has been no looking back. We are to the technological era like never before. I remember nostalgically my first email sent from the United States to a relative in India. Since then technology has taken vast strides. If the internet does not work, we are at a total loss. Much of our work is done online. Right from our flight bookings to any domestic requirement, is all digitally savvy. Our students use the internet for all their applications and are totally depend on it. The government is trying to improve things by providing wifi connectivity in railway stations and airports. Our smart phones are making this digitization easier. I think it is important to be digitally savvy as total digitization may take place in all areas. Artificial intelligence is being used more and more and it is important for the layman to be conscious of this change.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Education at what cost?

The parent is the first teacher of the child. The literacy level in our country has certainly gone up. The effects of the British rule is still seen in India. The Indians are known for their excellent knowledge of the English Language and communication skills which takes them far and wide. We have progressed a lot in the field of education. We have some excellent schools catering to different boards. We are going overboard in our expenses over education. But is it really going to pay us back? People from middle class families are sending their children abroad for undergraduate studies. It certainly seems unbelievable! But are people thinking with their heads! Education in foreign countries leads to heavy student loans which can even last a lifetime. This in turn can upset the financial stability of the country. Harvard, Princeton. Yale! Its time students woke up and realized that flaunting degrees from these Ivy Leagues is useless unless we dream really big. It time people wake up to the fact that a moderate education is sufficient. Emotional intelligence is what makes organisations work. There are success stories of start ups run by people having sufficient emotional intelligence. It has become almost the pride and fashion of every other household to boast that their child is at a foreign university. So its high time for us Indians to think before going with the tide.