Friday, 15 January 2016

How to turn good mornings in to gold mornings

My father always used to tell me that I need to brush my teeth twice everyday. He also told me that we eat through our mouth and hence oral hygiene is most important in maintaining good health. He always used Colgate tooth brush and paste and I followed him. My father was very knowledgeable and I had belief and trust in him.

Our good mornings always started with Cleaning teeth followed by family tea. My mother reads lot of fiction and a good story teller. Even as a young girl, I used to listen to her stories over our family morning tea. Thus my good mornings were made up of Colgate and pleasant tea that my mother prepared along with fiction stories.

As I grew up, I got married and  settled down with my husband. Coincidentally he also used Colgate brush and paste. My good mornings continued with my husband and later with him and my children. I was my turn to make the perfect tea for our good mornings and I soon mesmerized my children with my good morning stories just like my mother did to me.

When I saw the Colgate hamper which we had ordered for me, I jumped with joy. It was the most pretty looking box with the 'Colgate 360 Charcoal Gold toothbrush', golden mug and gold flask.  I was so glad when I saw this and tweeted #Colgate360GoldMornings to all my dear friends. The box was well packed. I decided to try the gold and Charcoal tooth brush. The gold and charcoal colored bristles were so soft, thin and managed to reach all corners of my mouth. Just like all other Colgate 360 brushes, this also had a tongue cleaner. I felt like a gold standard whole mouth cleaning. The slim anti bacterial bristles easily reaches all corners of my mouth. It helped clean not only the teeth, but also my tongue, cheeks and gums, thereby providing a gold standard of whole mouth cleaning. Now I wake up to my mornings with the Colgate 360 Charcoal Gold toothbrush followed by my freshly brewed tea in gold colored coffee mug and my day continued with gold colored flask. Just like my husband recently told me, my good mornings have really become gold mornings and I love it. Good Mornings have become gold morning for my family every day.

Note: This blog was written for Colgate India.