Saturday, 30 April 2016

My first summer at the Bar

After I finished my course in Law from the Law school at Hyderabad I decided I wanted to b e a confident lawyer.  My years spent at the Law school were fun.   I was good at academics but I still had the shy gene in me. All the same I wanted to wear Lawyers Lapels and take the court room by storm.  Though diminutive by stature I was an ambitious person.  I decided to intern with a very well known lawyer who was also a family friend. The first day I was sweating and my hands were shivering and I was getting nervous pangs.  All the same I flashed a false smile and put my best step forward and went to the lawyer’s office.  Thankfully there was another person who was as new as me so I picked up some confidence.  Initially we were almost just office boys running errands. I asked myself the question, was I at the right place?  Soon after a month we accompanied the lawyer to the court and watched him handle cases.  We were awestruck.  Will be ever able to handle cases with so much confidence, clarity of thought and expression. If speech was a gift from god that man surely had it.  Many hot afternoons passed when we sat gagged watching excellent  arguments settled in the court of law. Since the lawyer was a civil lawyer they were mostly property disputes.  Some were divorce cases. I was really awestruck by the length of the arguments.  After two months the lawyer asked us to handle  a small case. I trembled but gathered guts and dealt with the case.  It was not too bad. I decently debated the argument.  That gave a lot of confidence. The next few cases were better. My voice lost its tremble and my gait was more confident.  One particular case that summer was dealt by me with some much confidence that the lawyer was  in full praise for me.  I felt happy and jubiliant and the summer was productive.  That summer internship was my stepping stone to becoming the person I am today. I sit in my chair with ease and confidence today twenty years after that internship.  Dreaming big and wanting to do things badly can get you to the big things in life is my conseil to my friends.  Today I am a rather well known and respected lawyer in Mumbai.

I’m sharing my first internship experience for the #MyInternTheory activity at BlogAdda in association with Intern Theory.

Jeeves! My Butler.

India is really developed nation today. The cities have developed well with good Infrastructure. We have Malls in all the cities we can take pride in. We seem to be competing with the chinese in Gdp. Fast food joints have mushroomed all over the city in the last twenty years. Retirement commun ities have also sprung up. Mentally we are prepared to face the morrow being independent and not wanting to dependent on our children. But We are truly blessed as Indians to have an excellent support system which has not yet entirely dwindled. Labour is still available to a certain extent and quite cheap in our country compared to other developed countries. So it is important on this Labour's Day eve to impart a kind word and give a pat in the back to all our workers who have made our lives easier. . . .  

Friday, 29 April 2016

Black or White.

The Sun is raising new issues. Something in favour are the solar panels as oil sources are fast diminishing. With global warming and climate change we can feel the intensity of the sun than ever before. We can see it in our skin and in our tan. So the cosmetic industry has launched sun screens and fairness creams than cver before. Though dermotologists are swearing by theses creams second thoughts are being raised as vitamin D deficiency becomes a serious issue. Vitamin D defiency can give raise to a host of heaith problems. So we  have to bow to the fierceness of the sun and accept global warmimg as gracefully as possible. With global warming and climatic changes racism because of colour will not be a serious issue. We will all have to accept brains with a little less beauty. So let us all settle  for "Beauty is only skin deep".

Monday, 25 April 2016

Come to America!

Our years spent in the United States were fun and we were like any other immigrant trying to get as much from the country as possible. For us Asians United States seemed certainly the Land of Plenty and the Statue of Liberty loomed bright and clear.We travelled widely, enjoyed the malls and the food at the mushrooming fast food joints. We loved the tacos. french fries and pizzas. We enjoyed the large order of popcorn and coffee at the mall. Parenting was really fun. We ran to get autographs from the mascots with the children. We spent our second childhood at Walt Disney world squeeling and laughing with the children. The Theme Parks were just amazing!
 It is Sixteen years since we left the country. Home soil had its own rude shocks. The chidren grew up in good schools with a mixture of cultures. Grandparents pitched in. My daughter who is now 23 years applied for Universities abroad. Recently she heard from Claremont California. I am really proud and ovewhelmed with emotions. She is all set to leave in the Fall. Once again we will be in touch with America of which we have so many happy memories. I believe the economy in the United States is still not very strong. Things will change with the elections around the corner. Is it going to be Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Is Femme Fatale America ready for a woman President?  I think we are going to be in a smorgasboard of cultures soon. Going back to that country will once again be a breath of fresh air for us as we imbibe new values and customs to our rather Indian Lifestyles. I am really looking forward to lapping sunshine and the spirit of adventure of the Americans which I really love.      .

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

You are What you eat!

 Polluted air, polluted water and every one warning us about global warming. So much changes in our environment. I think to look good and feel good we have to eat healthy. We have to balance foods from the food pyramid. Go in for a high protein diet with at least  4 to 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day.  The good proteins in the vegetarian diet come from the pulses. Also kidney beans and Kabuli chana also are excellent soutces which provide an iron rich diet which strengthens our immune system. We are much more nutrition savy than our parents were. What with all of us going for millets in a big way! Other than incorporating in our food millet snacks are available for us to munch on right from ragi krisps to millet puffs. There are a number of online platforms marketing such healthy fare. With globilisation We seem to be aping the West in our food habits. Quinoia which contains all the essential AminoAcids in a protein molecule is becoming a part of our breakfast. Iron fortified cereals are also the magic word in our kitchens. With new innovations in the field of medicine and us competing with the Japenese in terms of Lifespan it is more and more imporant to live and eat healthy. SoWe conservative Indians are savouring it all, right from mushrooms, olives to vegeterian sushi..