Monday, 25 April 2016

Come to America!

Our years spent in the United States were fun and we were like any other immigrant trying to get as much from the country as possible. For us Asians United States seemed certainly the Land of Plenty and the Statue of Liberty loomed bright and clear.We travelled widely, enjoyed the malls and the food at the mushrooming fast food joints. We loved the tacos. french fries and pizzas. We enjoyed the large order of popcorn and coffee at the mall. Parenting was really fun. We ran to get autographs from the mascots with the children. We spent our second childhood at Walt Disney world squeeling and laughing with the children. The Theme Parks were just amazing!
 It is Sixteen years since we left the country. Home soil had its own rude shocks. The chidren grew up in good schools with a mixture of cultures. Grandparents pitched in. My daughter who is now 23 years applied for Universities abroad. Recently she heard from Claremont California. I am really proud and ovewhelmed with emotions. She is all set to leave in the Fall. Once again we will be in touch with America of which we have so many happy memories. I believe the economy in the United States is still not very strong. Things will change with the elections around the corner. Is it going to be Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Is Femme Fatale America ready for a woman President?  I think we are going to be in a smorgasboard of cultures soon. Going back to that country will once again be a breath of fresh air for us as we imbibe new values and customs to our rather Indian Lifestyles. I am really looking forward to lapping sunshine and the spirit of adventure of the Americans which I really love.      .

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