Saturday, 30 April 2016

My first summer at the Bar

After I finished my course in Law from the Law school at Hyderabad I decided I wanted to b e a confident lawyer.  My years spent at the Law school were fun.   I was good at academics but I still had the shy gene in me. All the same I wanted to wear Lawyers Lapels and take the court room by storm.  Though diminutive by stature I was an ambitious person.  I decided to intern with a very well known lawyer who was also a family friend. The first day I was sweating and my hands were shivering and I was getting nervous pangs.  All the same I flashed a false smile and put my best step forward and went to the lawyer’s office.  Thankfully there was another person who was as new as me so I picked up some confidence.  Initially we were almost just office boys running errands. I asked myself the question, was I at the right place?  Soon after a month we accompanied the lawyer to the court and watched him handle cases.  We were awestruck.  Will be ever able to handle cases with so much confidence, clarity of thought and expression. If speech was a gift from god that man surely had it.  Many hot afternoons passed when we sat gagged watching excellent  arguments settled in the court of law. Since the lawyer was a civil lawyer they were mostly property disputes.  Some were divorce cases. I was really awestruck by the length of the arguments.  After two months the lawyer asked us to handle  a small case. I trembled but gathered guts and dealt with the case.  It was not too bad. I decently debated the argument.  That gave a lot of confidence. The next few cases were better. My voice lost its tremble and my gait was more confident.  One particular case that summer was dealt by me with some much confidence that the lawyer was  in full praise for me.  I felt happy and jubiliant and the summer was productive.  That summer internship was my stepping stone to becoming the person I am today. I sit in my chair with ease and confidence today twenty years after that internship.  Dreaming big and wanting to do things badly can get you to the big things in life is my conseil to my friends.  Today I am a rather well known and respected lawyer in Mumbai.

I’m sharing my first internship experience for the #MyInternTheory activity at BlogAdda in association with Intern Theory.

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