Friday, 29 April 2016

Black or White.

The Sun is raising new issues. Something in favour are the solar panels as oil sources are fast diminishing. With global warming and climate change we can feel the intensity of the sun than ever before. We can see it in our skin and in our tan. So the cosmetic industry has launched sun screens and fairness creams than cver before. Though dermotologists are swearing by theses creams second thoughts are being raised as vitamin D deficiency becomes a serious issue. Vitamin D defiency can give raise to a host of heaith problems. So we  have to bow to the fierceness of the sun and accept global warmimg as gracefully as possible. With global warming and climatic changes racism because of colour will not be a serious issue. We will all have to accept brains with a little less beauty. So let us all settle  for "Beauty is only skin deep".

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