Tuesday, 19 April 2016

You are What you eat!

 Polluted air, polluted water and every one warning us about global warming. So much changes in our environment. I think to look good and feel good we have to eat healthy. We have to balance foods from the food pyramid. Go in for a high protein diet with at least  4 to 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day.  The good proteins in the vegetarian diet come from the pulses. Also kidney beans and Kabuli chana also are excellent soutces which provide an iron rich diet which strengthens our immune system. We are much more nutrition savy than our parents were. What with all of us going for millets in a big way! Other than incorporating in our food millet snacks are available for us to munch on right from ragi krisps to millet puffs. There are a number of online platforms marketing such healthy fare. With globilisation We seem to be aping the West in our food habits. Quinoia which contains all the essential AminoAcids in a protein molecule is becoming a part of our breakfast. Iron fortified cereals are also the magic word in our kitchens. With new innovations in the field of medicine and us competing with the Japenese in terms of Lifespan it is more and more imporant to live and eat healthy. SoWe conservative Indians are savouring it all, right from mushrooms, olives to vegeterian sushi..  

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